Chapter 769 - They Dare to Chase Us Off

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Chapter 769: They Dare to Chase Us Off

Helan Fangnian and Helan Xiuse stared dumbfoundedly at Yan Qingsi. They did not expect her to be staying in the Yue house. She… already made her way into this family.

Mrs. Yue and Yue Tingfeng exchanged a look. This was not going to go well.

“Qingsi, you’re awake,” Mrs. Yue said quickly, forcing a smile. “Come over and have some watermelon. It’s sweet and juicy.”

Yan Qingsi walked over and took a seat, taking the watermelon Mrs. Yue passed to her. “Thank you, Auntie,” she said, smiling.

Yan Qingsi took a bite out of the watermelon slice. “Go on. If you don’t continue talking the moment I come over, I’ll feel very awkward,” she said.

Yue Tingfeng rubbed his nose. “Gee. But we’ve already finished talking. They were just about to leave.”

Mrs. Yue nodded her head. “That’s right. We’ve finished talking…”

The siblings felt extremely shocked. From what they saw, Yan Qingsi was held in high esteem in the Yue family. Even when Mrs. Yue talked to her it was as though… she spoiled her even more than she would a birth daughter. She even served a watermelon slice to Yan Qingsi herself. She was even afraid that Yan Qingsi would be angry when she saw them.

Helan Fangnian bit his lip. How was a woman like Yan Qingsi able to garner such respect from Mrs. Yue and Yue Tingfeng?

Yan Qingsi lifted her head and glanced over the two. “Then why aren’t you leaving?”

Yue Tingfeng waved a hand. “Aunt Wu, please escort them out,” he said.

Helan Fangnian’s complexion soured. A storm of emotions raged inside him. It did not hurt as much as when he saw Yue Tingfeng and Yan Qingsi together for the first time, but needles still pricked at his soul. It hurt, seeing Yan Qingsi completely disregarding his existence, hating him.

He and Yue Tingfeng were once good friends. Yet now a stark line had been drawn between them. This also saddened Helan Fangnian.

“Tingfeng, you don’t have to chase us off,” Helan Fangnian said. “I’ll leave naturally after I’ve said my piece.

“Firstly, I’ve come here today to apologize. Secondly, my parents wish to invite you and Mrs. Yue to attend a charity auction that the Helans and a few other prominent families in Luo city have organized. The Yue family has significant influence in Luo city, and this charity auction will be able to garner a lot of media attention with your presence.’

Helan Fangnian placed two invitation cards on the table, as well as an auction list.

He looked at Mrs. Yue. “Auntie, I’m representing my mother to apologize to you,” he said. “Thank you for being so patient with my mother. I’m sincerely sorry for what she did to you. I’ve talked to her, and she’s willing to turn over a new leaf. You two have been friends for so many years. I hope… that it won’t dissolve just like this.”

Helan Fangnian spoke straight from his heart. He bent his tall, lanky body into a bow, apologizing respectfully towards Mrs. Yue.

Mrs. Yue’s lips pressed into a thin line. Mrs. Helan’s apology was not worth a single cent.

However, Mrs. Yue had no intention of troubling him, when he was just a child in the Helan family. All this while, she actually liked Helan Fangnian. It was just that the relationship between their families grew more and more awkward because of his mother.

Mrs. Yue nodded her head carelessly. “I know. I’ve known her for so many years; we understand each other. Let’s not talk of this.”

It was precisely because they understood each other that Mrs. Yue knew that Mrs. Helan’s apology was—to put it bluntly—not worth sh*t.

“I apologize for disrupting your day,” Helan Fangnian said. “We’ll take our leave.”

As soon as he finished talking, he dragged Helan Xiuse and left.

They got onto the car. “Auntie Yue has changed, Brother,” Helan Xiuse said with her cheeks puffed. “She only cares about Yan Qingsi now. She’s just like Tingfeng. I even apologized in person—”

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