Chapter 773 - I will Kill You if You Dare to Lay a Finger on Her!

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Chapter 773: I will Kill You if You Dare to Lay a Finger on Her!

The near-death experience was terrifying; You Xi was so scared his entire body went weak. He nearly coughed his lungs out. “Cough cough…U—u—uncle…cough cough…I—I—was—wrong…Please forgive me…” he cried out in pain.

Hatred had ignited within You Xi’s heart when he was being forced down.

He hated his uncle for being this ridiculous—for daring to treat him this way.

He wanted to immediately head home and tell the You family what had happened by morning—how dare this man make him drink toilet water!

You Yi let out a sardonic laugh. “You admit what you did was wrong. All right. Then tell me: what did you do wrong?”

You Xi felt as if he was looking at a ghoul upon seeing You Xi’s face. This was not his uncle—this was the grim reaper himself!

“I—I—I shouldn’t have—k—kept a secret from everyone,” he stammered. “I should have—”

He was interrupted once again by You Yi dunking his head into the toilet bowl.

“Don’t come out until you’ve thought it through.” You Yi’s impassive voice cut like a blade into You Xi’s ears.

You Xi slapped his hands against the bowl. Many of his already-healed wounds opened again from his struggling.

However, he could not focus on the pain now—he needed to save himself first.

His uncle was really out to kill him.

You Xi’s sobs turned into gurgles. He beat against the bowl with all his might, his strength waning with every move. Only then did You Yi finally drag him out again.

“Are you actually repentant now?” You Yi asked.

You Xi nodded his head vigorously. “Cough cough…I—cough cough… know…I know…

“Uncle…f—forgive me… I was wrong. I should have told all of you sooner…We, the You family, suffered so much humiliation. I should have gotten rid of that b*tch—”

You Yi’s expression hardened. “You unrepentant b*stard!”

He pushed You Xi’s head back down despite his howls.

His head had been dunked in and out of the bowl so many times, You Xi did not know how much toilet water he had swallowed. Bile rushed up from his stomach; his chest burned with agony. When he was pulled out again, tears and snot streaked all over his face. “Un—uncle—I was wrong. What you say goes…If you say—what I did was wrong, then I—I was—wrong. I was wrong…”

It was not a surprise that You Xi’s head was plunged back into the bowl.

Suffocation surged forth like a wave again. You Xi felt he was dying; his lungs were almost devoid of oxygen.

The spectre of death hung ominously over his head. You Xi wanted to cry out for help, to beg for forgiveness…However, he could not make a single sound.

This man was not his uncle. He was a goddamned vengeful monster.

What did he want him to say? What did he want to make him say?

Whatever he had said was clearly wrong.

He had already said all that he could think of—everything.

Unless he wanted him to say that he should not have kidnapped that deceitful b*tch, or not attempt to rape that sl*t?

As You Xi continued to struggle, You Yi’s voice rang out, “You Xi, you’d better remember the taste of this moment—the taste of death!

“I never cared for the number of women you fooled around with; I also never cared about the methods you used. Whether you commit murder or arson is none of my business, but you shouldn’t have touched Yan Qingsi…

“This time, I’ll let you go because you’re my nephew. But…there will be no next time. If you dare to lay a finger on her again, I’ll…kill you!”


Rich Man Yan: Oh, no. It was so hard reclaiming the reputation of being a manly man from mother Yue, and now it was ripped away by my uncle who appeared halfway through. So heartbreaking…Mom, I entreat you, save me!

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