Chapter 774 - My Uncle is a B*stard

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Chapter 774: My Uncle is a B*stard

You Yi’s lethal aura pushed You Xi over the edge. This would probably remain his most painful, his most frightening, his most terrifying moment for the rest of his life!

You Xi’s sobs continued to turn into gurgles. He heard his uncle’s previous words and mustered the last of his strength to beat against the toilet bowl.

You Yi did not loosen his grip. “You Xi, will you remember what I said?”

Glug glug glug.

You Yi tightened his grip around You Xi’s neck. “You had better remember everything. Don’t forget that there’s no use lying to me,” he said. “If you don’t have a fraction of remorse in your heart, why don’t I just go all the way now and let you die a painful death?”

You Xi felt he would really die if he was suffocated a moment longer. He did not care about anything else right now—he just wanted to live.

Who cared about Yan Qingsi and every other Yan under the sun. As long as he got to live, he could be the most filial grandson ever.

However…You Yi still did not budge. It seemed he really wanted to kill You Xi—as if he was waiting for the moment You Xi finally lost the strength to struggle, watching for when he stopped moving.

A few minutes later, You Xi woke up from the pain. His eyes were still closed when he started to cough violently, almost as if he were going to cough up his lungs. Eventually, the coughs turned into retching—a frenzied vomiting that was accompanied by agonized noises.

You Yi stood by his side, gazing at him impassively. He had just finished washing his hands; water still dripped from them. He proceeded to dry them with a handkerchief.

His hands had long fingers and thick joints; the kind of hands that usually had a lot of strength in them.

He acted as if he did not smell the vomit. As he wiped his hands dry, he asked placidly, “Are you done vomiting?”

You Yi’s body automatically froze at that voice, even before his brain could register it.

Everything that just happened burned brightly in his mind’s eye. His dear uncle had almost killed him.

You Xi touched his own body. He suddenly felt as though he had been reborn.

God, he was alive.

You Xi lay on the floor. He wanted to stand up, but his legs were wobbly. Right, they were wobbly, unsteady—he was so frightened by You Yi he could not stand.

His bloody uncle stood right in front of him. You Xi, usually so arrogant and insufferable in front of others, suddenly became a meek little rabbit.

You Xi did not want his face inside the toilet bowl again. “Uncle, I’m sorry. I’m total trash. I’m worse than a dog. I’m horrible,” he wailed. “Please, forgive me this time. I’ll change for the better in the future. Please believe me, Uncle!”

“You remember everything that I said?” You Yi asked.

“I do. U—uncle…I–I remember everything. I—I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have treated her like that…I’m sorry for what I did to her. Next time, I’ll apologize to her properly. I’ll definitely apologize, I’ll admit my wrongdoings. I’m sorry…”

The near-death experience had been terrifying. You Xi had always been pampered since he was a child. He was the eldest son of the You family, after all, and he held a high-ranking office, but in the end…he had no initiative, he was perverted, and he was lazy. He always felt he simply knew it all already since he came from an affluent family—all he had to do was to inherit the CEO position of the You family company.

No one dared offend him because of his power and position before, but now he was on his knees begging for forgiveness from You Yi.

You Xi only understood everything now. It did not matter if you were the firstborn of the You family; the most powerful member was the one who would get their hands dirty.

No one was as vicious and relentless as his uncle.

What a monstrous character. He even almost killed his own nephew. The b*stard.

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