Chapter 775 - Debasing You, Destroying You

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Chapter 775: Debasing You, Destroying You

You Yi slowly squatted down while staring directly into You Xi’s eyes.

You Yi thought his uncle’s eyes resembled a wolf’s—the better to eat you with, my dear. He could not hold back the tremors now running throughout his entire body.

“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me. You should be apologizing to her,” You Yi said. “But she doesn’t want to see you, and I don’t want you to trouble her. You Xi, you’d better remember that you’re never to cause trouble for Yan Qingsi from this day onward, and you’re never to have any perverted tendencies towards her. Otherwise, if you try it again, I’ll make sure you’ll never wake up. Ever.”

You Xi nodded his head vigorously. “I—I know…I will never, ever look for Yan Qingsi again. If I see her next time…I’ll hide. Really…I’ll hide from her and just walk away…”

“Don’t lie to me, or else you’ll pay a heavier penance than today,” You Yi said coolly, narrowing his eyes.

You Xi shook his head so violently that his hair resembled crashing waves. “I won’t, Uncle…If I am really lying…you don’t have to kill me. I’ll kill myself first.”

Death by sleeping pills would be preferable to that from torture at his uncle’s hands.

You Yi’s lips curled into a cruel smile as he got back onto his feet.

You Xi could not see a future for the You family anymore. If he was to be the head of the third generation of the family, how could he ever compare to anyone else? He was nothing compared to Ye Shaoguang, nor Yue Tingfeng.

You Yi straightened himself. “I’m leaving,” he said coldly.

You Xi was so terrified he almost wet himself. You Yi knew that somewhere deep within the man’s heart lay some resentment, though.

However, he was more afraid than resentful—he was afraid of death, afraid of losing his life!

Even if he truly harbored hatred, he did not have the courage to act on it.

You Xi nearly burst into tears of happiness when he heard You Yi was about to leave. He had managed to preserve his life. “Uncle, stay safe…stay safe…” he said quickly.

F*ck. Don’t ever look for me anymore, he thought. Then I’ll live a better life than anyone else’s!

You Yi walked out of the bathroom, then turned back as he recalled something else. “Right,” he said. “You can tell the You elders about this.”

You Xi trembled, waving his arms about frantically. “No, no, no. I won’t do that, Uncle…You only wanted to teach me a lesson, Uncle. You wanted to teach me morals, how could I…tell anyone about this. Don’t worry. I’ll never—tell this to anyone else…”

You Xi thought You Yi was threatening him to stay silent on the incident.

He was not that stupid. Of course, he would not dare say a word about it. If he did, this b*stard uncle was going to come right over and shove his head into a toilet bowl and make sure he stayed there. Who could he cry to then? No one could protect him all the time. Besides, no one could control his uncle, not even his family.

You Yi was not making a threat, though. He was to clean You Xi up, and in the end he did not care how everything would turn out. If You Xi wanted to blab about this to the You elders, he was free to do so—he did not care, after all.

However, You Xi seemed more interested in something else now.

As soon as he thought about it, You Xi became provoking. “Un—un—un—uncle, since when did you—you…and Yan Qingsi…”

Get together?

You Yi shot him a piercing glare. You Xi was so frightened, his heart skipped a beat. He accidentally bit his tongue. It hurt so much that he clutched at his mouth while tears gathered in his eyes.

You Xi was also so angry that he pinched himself. Why did he even ask? Idiot! It was obvious that they had something going on. Yan Qingsi, that b*tch—she was a complete, utter b*tch. She even seduced his uncle!

You Yi slowly turned around and pried You Xi’s mouth open. “If you say another word now,” he said, his tone low, “I’ll cut your tongue out.”


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