Chapter 776 - You Had Better Remember to Not Touch Yan Qingsi

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Chapter 776: You Had Better Remember to Not Touch Yan Qingsi

“I—I—I won’t say…” You Xi’s tongue was still bleeding. He could not enunciate his words properly with his mouth being forced open.

You Xi regretted his words so much that he wanted to die. He was trash; he deserved to be beaten.

Even if he knew that they were together, he should not have said anything. If he did, the one who would be punished was him.

You Yi’s grip was so strong it was amazing. His blood-red eyes looked as though they could swallow everything in their wake. He said, “You’d better remember what you can and cannot say. If you don’t, I’ll help you remember.”

You Xi thought about it and shook his head. He did not want to say anything anymore. However, his lower jaw felt as if it was going to be shattered—it hurt so much he could not say anything, not even make a single sound.

You Yi flung You Xi aside. “You Xi, you can be stupid, but you should also have some self-awareness. Don’t be so stupid that you end up throwing your life away.”

You Xi lay down, belly against the ground. “U—uncle, d—don’t worry…” he coughed. “I’ll definitely remember your words. I’ll never…never say what I cannot say. Forgive me this once, please.

“I was so stupid…just now. Water entered…my brain. I say things I shouldn’t have said… I won’t do it again.”

It was not just water—it was toilet water.

You Xi’s face was still drenched in toilet water; after touching it, You Yi’s fingers now also had toilet water on them.

You Yi frowned irritably. He had just finished washing his hands, and now he needed to wash them again.

He turned on the tap and scrubbed his hands with soap multiple times before rinsing it off. He took out his handkerchief and wiped his hands dry again.

This time, after he finished drying his hands, he threw the handkerchief straight into the dustbin.

You Xi’s tongue hurt like crazy. He shriveled on the ground as he watched You Yi throw the handkerchief away. B*stard. You’re not human. You immediately showed disdain after touching my face for a bit, he snarled internally. My face was dunked into a toilet bowl by you for such a long time, what right do you have to feel disgusted?

Damn it. He could not hold it in—he was going to vomit again.

You Xi vomited for a while, then saw You Yi preparing to leave. He shut his mouth, determined to say nothing. He was afraid that he would say something stupid again and got himself into even more trouble.

You Yi raked his eyes over You Xi. “If you feel like seeking death sometime, tell me.”

You Xi shook his head vigorously. “No, no, no. I won’t. Uncle…stay safe, stay safe…I just got a porcelain vase a few days ago that has the official seal of the Song Dynasty. I’ll send it to you tomorrow. From now on, if I have anything nice on my hands I’ll pay tribute to you first, uncle…”

You Yi did not respond to this sentence. “You’d better remember, Do. Not. Touch. Yan. Qing. Si!” he spit the words out one by one.

You Xi nodded his head rapidly. “I’ll remember. I’ll never touch Yan Qingsi. I—If I see her, I’ll avoid her.”

You Yi finally walked out of the washroom. After a while, You Xi heard the click of the door closing. His racing heart finally slowed. His tired body crumbled into a heap on the floor. He did not want to move at all, and he did not care about the jolts of pain all over his body, nor that his face smelled funny. He just wanted to rest for a while and savor the taste of life.

“What a b*stard uncle… He’s not human…” You Xi muttered to himself. “Uncle is with…with…”

A slam suddenly rang out from outside. You Xi reflexively covered his mouth with his hands, thinking that You Yi had returned. A while later, when no one came in, he realized that it had been the wind blowing the door open as it had not been shut properly.

You Xi closed his eyes as he contemplated his suffering. F*ck, he was just dealing with one woman; he did not even get to bed her when that b*tch gave him injuries all over. He did not even manage to get revenge against that b*tch when his f*cking uncle came over with a vengeance. They really wanted to kill him.

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