Chapter 8 - I’m Using Your Man (I)

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Chapter 8: I’m Using Your Man (I)

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Yan Ruke gritted her teeth. Acting as though she was his wife, she put on a bold face and said, “Tingfeng isn’t in a good mood. Please don’t take offense. I’ll go out and check on him.”

The instant she left the room she heard voices behind her muttering. “Pfft, she’s nothing in Young Master Yue’s eyes and yet she still thinks so highly of herself.”

The nerves of Yan Ruke teeth were almost hurting from her severe gnashing but she pretended as though she had heard none of it. Her original plan was to complain about Yan Qingsi’s vices to Yue Tingfeng so that he would get angry at Yan Qingsi. Unfortunately, her plan backfired.

The next morning.

Jiang Lai, who had just arrived at the company, saw how foul of a mood Yue Tingfeng was in. He was afraid of aggravating the situation so he first probed with a question. “Young Master, Miss Qingsi has been in the detention center for several days already. Are we… not going to ask how things are?”

Yue Tingfeng snickered. “Ask? What do we ask? She’s capable enough. Your shameless contribution might not be appreciated.”

Jiang Lai looked down.

Young Master was very much absent-minded for the past few days. It was obvious that he was waiting for Qingsi to beg for him.

However, that was not going to happen.

A week later, at Luo City International Airport.

The whole of Yan family was present because it was the day they got to send Yan Qingsi out of the country. Finally, the pestilent demon was leaving and the whole family would love to ‘see her off’. Most importantly, the larger the crowd, the easier it would be for them to keep an eye on her and make sure that she was not up to no good.

Yue Tingfeng was there too. So was Yan Mingzhu’s boyfriend, Luo Jinchuan.

The whole Yan family desperately wanted everyone to know that the wicked Yan Qingsi suffered the consequences of her actions and that she would soon be gone.

With a poker face, Yan Songnan said, “It’s almost time. You should go through the security checks now. Once you’re overseas, study well and turn over a new leaf…”

He was more than eager to see Yan Qingsi board the airplane. He would probably have lost control and choke her to death if her face was still in sight for a second longer.

Getting her out of prison was a complete waste of his money. The thought of losing all that money so pointlessly made him feel incredibly distressed and he regretted his decision to keep such a wreck alive.

Yan Mingzhu urged her too. “Sister, you should board the plane now.”

Yan Qingsi dressed up very beautifully on that day. She was charming and seductive. Those fox-like eyes were particularly bright as if she could steal a man’s soul as she pleased.

Yan Mingzhu looked at her and felt the insurmountable envy and jealousy.

No matter how much Yan Qingsi was tormented as a child, she was not defeated—as unkillable as a cactus in the desert.

Growing up together, Yan Mingzhu was always outshone by Yan Qingsi’s radiance, especially when both of them stood beside each other. Yan Qingsi was always the one that everyone noticed.

The name ‘Mingzhu’ became a name associated with mockery.

A small luggage bag was positioned beside Yan Qingsi’s legs. She glanced at Yan Mingzhu nonchalantly. “Why are you anxious? Are you worried that you can’t keep Jinchuan in check?”

Yan Mingzhu clenched her teeth and smiled. “Qingsi, as your older sister, my advice is that girls should always be a bit more reserved and cautious. If you continue behaving like this, no one is going to look up to you. Women need to love themselves.”

Yan Mingzhu disliked her ever since Yan Qingsi entered the household when she was eight years old. After so many years of fighting, the one thing Yan Mingzhu wanted most was to step on Yan Qingsi until the latter was dead.

Yan Qingsi raised an eyebrow. “Oh really?”

On the spur of the moment, she stretched out her hand toward Luo Jinchuan’s chest and slid it into his jacket. Everyone was taken aback by that action.

Yan Mingzhu instantly exploded. “YAN QINGSI! What are you doing?! First was Young Master Yue, now you want to seduce your sister’s boyfriend too?”

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