Chapter 806 - You were Not the Father; Why the Heartache?

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Chapter 806: You were Not the Father; Why the Heartache?

Helan Mingde felt as though all the citizens of Luo city had taken a swing at his face.

It hurt so much that he felt numb—it hurt so much that he felt nothing. Only his ears rang as though he had just gotten slapped. They kept ringing and his mouth kept twitching.

Helan Mingde was even wondering why Mrs. Yue had not straight-up murdered the b*tch Zhang Suya first.

Now he had no reputation left. The entire Helan family had no reputation. Zhang Suya had single-handedly destroyed the name the Helan family had worked on so hard for generations.

“Your wife is pretty amazing, really,” Yan Qingsi could not help but say. “When other wives take on men outside their household, they take celebrities or young blood or even musclemen, yet your wife took an old grunt. I never thought that she would have such an interesting taste.”

Helan Mingde now felt as though it was not just the people of Luo city who were smacking his face—the entire country was slapping him.

Yan Qingsi was right. If you wanted to take a paramour, then take a f*cking celebrity. At least you could say that you liked young blood if you took a good-looking stud, or that you liked his face. Even if he was not good-looking, one could say that she enjoyed the energy and vigor of younger men, who were able to satisfy her insatiable drive.

Yet she just took an old man. How would others see him now? Everyone would think that he, Helan Mingde, was worse than a crooked old man.

“Mingde, I’m not lying to you. I’m not…Those are all lies. I’m innocent. You have been the only man in my life…I really only have you. Please, believe me…” Mrs. Helan had screamed so much that her throat had turned hoarse and felt like it was on fire, but still she struggled desperately.

At this moment, panic-filled every fiber of Mrs. Helan’s being. She could not see Helan Mingde. She fought to open her eyes, but her vision was still blurry.

“Dad, it doesn’t matter what happened—Mom lost a child for you. She suffered so much for you. You have to verify all that so-called evidence,” Helan Xiuse said anxiously. “We can’t simply believe whatever we hear. If Mom is treated unfairly then she’ll be heartbroken. We are a family, Dad…”

Helan Xiuse’s reckless words finally made Helan Mingde remember their first child. She had lost the child because she saved him. That time, Zhang Suya had almost lost her life as well.

Helan Mingde still remembered all this.

Mrs. Yue rolled her eyes. “The first child? Hmph. Helan Mingde, that first child was not even yours,” she said, sneering. “Why the heartache?”

Mrs. Yue threw yet another bomb without warning. Everyone gasped—and held their breaths, not daring to breathe a word in fear of accidentally offending Mrs. Yue.

Today, the incriminating information she revealed was absolutely, completely, utterly devastating!

So exciting! It would really have been a great regret to miss today’s events.

Helan Mingde had been slightly touched just now. “Say it again?” he roared when he heard those words.

“Su Ningmei, you shut up. Shut up…” Mrs. Helan’s raging voice was coarse and grating to the ears.

Mrs. Yue laughed humorlessly. “I’ll say it again: that wasn’t your child. I really can’t stand this anymore. You’re a grown man in your fifties. Can’t you use your brains for a bit? Don’t be so stupid that you become nothing more than a joke. You were married for two months and she had been carrying for four. Don’t tell me that Zhang Suya got pregnant in her dreams…”

Helan Mingde was being driven nuts. “It was two months old when we went for the medical checkup. What proof do you have to claim that it was four months?”

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