Chapter 807 - Your Daughter Looks Like Someone Else; Who is Her Father?

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Chapter 807: Your Daughter Looks Like Someone Else; Who is Her Father?

Mrs. Yue pursed her lips, smiling. “Helan Mingde, I never wanted to say this. That wasn’t your child, but it was a child—the child was innocent. But you’re so stupid that you’re testing my patience. Whatever that was written in the medical report disclosed by the doctor and hospital was fake. She bribed the doctor to give you a false report. Otherwise, why would she keep complaining that she had an upset stomach during the first month of your marriage? Why was she vomiting until she was dry heaving? What were you thinking? Have you ever seen anyone who got food poisoning for an entire month? Have you seen anyone who vomited for an entire month? That was morning sickness.”

Helan Mingde felt as if he had been struck by a lightning bolt. He could not take it anymore and slumped to the floor. He remembered how he frequently saw Zhang Suya dry heaving during the first month of their marriage—especially when they were eating. That time, she had said she did not like meat because it made her stomach queasy, but…after the child had miscarried and she was discharged from the hospital, she had never been like that again. Now, she did not avoid meat; in fact, she liked meat.

His wife had had affairs and made him a cuckold. In the end, the child he had felt so guilty for, and at the same time grateful for, all these years had not even been his.

Zhang Suya, Zhang Suya…the b*tch cheated him terribly!

“She had already entered the Helan family. Once the child developed, everyone would see the truth—and everything she planned would have gone to ruin. That was why she plotted that incident two months into your marriage. She would miscarry because she fell down the stairs trying to save you. This would make you think that she saved you, and you would feel grateful towards her—and she would be able to abort the child she was carrying conveniently. Then, she would bribe the doctor to make a fake report. And just like that, she cheated you for thirty years.”

Mrs. Yue glanced at Mrs. Helan, who kept screaming that she was being wronged. “You’re amazing, Zhang Suya, being able to carry a child seeded by another man and marry into an affluent family,” she chuckled. “Nobody else would dare to do that.”

Panic flooded Helan Xiuse. If her mother was truly destroyed, how would she survive from now on? She wanted to continue climbing up the social ranks with her place in the Helan family. She had to solve this problem now.

Helan Xiuse suddenly kneeled on the ground with a thump. She tugged on Helan Mingde. “Dad, Dad…Don’t believe her so easily. We haven’t verified anything,” she said. “We can’t just fall for someone else’s plans like that. I believe that Mom isn’t that kind of person…”

“You’re right,” Yan Qingsi interjected lazily. “You should verify the information. You should go to the hospital and perform a paternity test, since the first child was not yours. Your wife had already brainwashed you all these years. Who knows if this one is your child or not?”

“That’s right,” a busybody chimed in from the crowd. “Mr. Helan, you better do a paternity test and see if your DNA matches your son’s and your daughter’s. You can only rest easy if they’re really yours. If they aren’t, then you have been feeding someone else’s children for all these years. Wouldn’t it be unfair for you?”

“That’s right. Mr. Helan, you should go for a paternity test…”

“Oh, why don’t you just come to my hospital, Mrs. Helan? I’ll let all of you do it for free.”

“Shut up! All of you are just jealous of the Helan family. Why are you peasants kicking someone who’s down?” Helan Xiuse screamed. “Did my mother ever hurt you? Did the Helan family ever wrong you? My mom is already this pitiful. Why do you keep pushing us to insanity? Do you all want us to die?”

No one spoke after Helan Xiuse finished her raging speech. It was extremely silent.

“Mrs. Helan,” Yan Qingsi suddenly said, “didn’t you ever think why your daughter never looked like you?”

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