Chapter 808 - A Lie that Lasts Half a Life

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Chapter 808: A Lie that Lasts Half a Life

Helan Xiuse raised her head wildly. She glared daggers at Yan Qingsi, expression livid. “Yan Qingsi, I’ve never wronged you. Why are you doing this to me? Why? Mom was right. You’re the most shameless, poisonous b*tch in the world.”

“You’re really your mother’s daughter,” Mrs. Yue said before Yan Qingsi could get a word in, pointing at her. “You haven’t learned anything, just like your mother. I think you have only learned how to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, otherwise, how could you not think that my son is Yan Qingsi’s boyfriend when you were trying to seduce him?

“I saw that you were young, so I didn’t make a fuss out of the issue. I gave you a chance to change. But don’t think that people will always forgive your transgressions. Your mother cheated on your father for thirty years, and cheated him so thoroughly at that, but that dirty secret of hers still got exposed anyway. You better buck up and straighten that attitude of yours, or else I’ll reveal everything that you’ve done. Let’s see how you do in school after that.”

Helan Xiuse’s complexion suddenly turned as white as a sheet.

She bit her lips. Her frail body began to tremble, and tears pooled in her eyes. She looked so pitiful.

Helan Xiuse ducked her head, her hands scrunching her dress.

Mrs. Yue had been able to dig out the secrets her mother had buried so deeply. She probably knew what had happened. She could not take any risks—otherwise, she would end up like her mother, and that really would be the end for her.

She would remember the shame she experienced today forever!

“It’s not just Yan Qingsi. I also think your daughter doesn’t look like you, Mr. Helan,” an elderly woman in the crowd piped up. “That said, she doesn’t really look like her mother either.”

Murmurs rippled throughout the crowd. They stole glances at Helan Mingde as they whispered to each other.

Helan Mingde felt as though his shame and embarrassment was a beacon above his head, so bright that anybody within a ten-kilometer radius could see it.

Hatred festered in Helan Xiuse’s heart when she heard all those people talking. She was only a girl. Why was everyone turning against her?

She felt hatred, she hated everyone. What did she do wrong?

Helan Xiuse shook Helan Mingde’s arm. “Dad, don’t be like this…” she sobbed. “You have to believe Mom. You have to stand by her. We’re a family. When everyone turns against us, the more we have to…Ah!”

Helan Xiuse screamed as Helan Mingde shoved her off. As she fell onto the floor, splinters of glass were pinned beneath her.

She was wearing a thin dress, and the glass immediately ripped into it and pierced her skin. Blood quickly stained her back.

Helan Mingde’s expression was dark, wrathful. He stared coldly at Helan Xiuse who lay on the floor.

It was human nature—when they hated someone, they hated everything associated with that person.

Everything that Zhang Suya had done was real. All that proof was real, solid. She had cheated on him for decades, and he only knew about everything today.

He did lose a child, but that child was not even f*cking his.

Furthermore, he stupidly appreciated that b*tch for all these years.

He had never suspected Zhang Suya; he had believed her with all his heart. Even if he had mistresses, he had never thought about allowing any woman to wreck his family. He kept telling everyone that Zhang Suya was the only wife of the Helan family. The one, the only…

However, he was cheated on so badly, and he had been cheated on for half his life.

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