Chapter 811 - Murdering Them is too Merciful

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Chapter 811: Murdering Them is too Merciful

Mrs. Yue felt that murdering the two would be too merciful for them.

“I told Jiang Lai to lodge a police report,” Yue Tingfeng said, grinning, “The police are coming soon!”

“What’s your reason for lodging a police report?”

Yue Tingfeng thought about it for a while. “On the charge of fraud. How about that?”

The two had plotted to swindle the Yues’ of their assets.

“I think… that will work.”

Soon enough, the police came before the ambulance did.

The police were shocked by the sight of the scene. They investigated the situation and then proceed to handcuffed Yue Pengcheng straight away. As for Mrs. Helan… They had to be a bit more compassionate. She was seriously injured, so she had to be sent to the hospital first.

A policeman asked how she got injured.

Yue Tingfeng smiled. “She fell down on her own. You can ask someone else if you don’t believe me.”

“She fell…” the others chuckled.

Yue Pengcheng had just been released from jail, where he had lived as though he was dead. He certainly did not want to go back again. “You police! I’m Yue Pengcheng. I’m Yue Tingfeng’s father. I really am!” he screamed, struggling violently, “You can conduct a DNA test for us if you don’t believe me. We can do a paternity test. He’s my son! That little brat framed me, sabotaged me…”

“He even set up his own biological father. He’s a monster! He’s a complete monster…”

“We’ll record your testimony once we get to the police station,” the policeman said, “Then we’ll do the necessary tests. For now, quietly come along with us.”

“My biological father is dead,” Yue Tingfeng said slowly, “He had been living abroad for decades and he never came back. He had been a PR of M country since many years ago. I’ll handle the necessary procedures as soon as possible and provide the death certificate. I’ll prove that this man is a phony.”

“Understood. Mr. Yue, please provide us a way to contact you. We will need your cooperation with this investigation.”

Jiang Lai immediately gave his name card. “My contact details are here, sir. Please look for me if you need any further information.”

The policeman nodded and took the name card.

Yue Tingfeng glanced towards Yue Pengcheng, who was screaming and cursing everyone to the high heavens. He walked over and gave him a faint smile.

Yue Pengcheng rushed towards Yue Tingfeng in rage. “Yue Tingfeng, you b*stard. You wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for me! You’re in cahoots with your mother now. I’ll be waiting for the day when the truth is out. Framing your own father—you’re better off dead! Nothing good will come to you!”

Yue Tingfeng smiled. “I feel sorry for you. You act very well, sir, but you’re not my biological father. He’s dead. Also, I’m afraid you won’t be able to see what will happen to me because you’ll probably be given a life sentence. Of course, you won’t be able to see me in the future.”

Yue Pengcheng was so angry that he turned purple around the neck. “Yue Tingfeng,” he snarled, “You b*stard…”

Yue Tingfeng suddenly took a step forward. “I’d thrown you into jail even in Hai city,” he whispered, “What more… this is Luo city. How… could you fight against me?”

Yue Pengcheng’s face paled…

He was already being shoved into the police car when he recollected his wits.

He shrieked and struggled, attempting to escape from the car. The policeman shoved him back in. “You better sit down quietly. Otherwise, we’ll charge you on the grounds of obstruction…”

Yue Pengcheng did not struggle anymore. “I’m really Yue Pengcheng, sir,” he said, “I’m really Yue Pengcheng. Yue Tingfeng and Su Ningmei conspired against me together. I’m not dead. Even if they manage to get a death certificate, that’s because they bought it. I’m really Yue Pengcheng…”

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