Chapter 813 - How Can I Let You Go Since I Have Already Caught You?

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Chapter 813: How Can I Let You Go Since I Have Already Caught You?

Everyone was stunned by that sentence.

They gaped as Yue Tingfeng took Mrs. Yue and Yan Qingsi and left. They had no power to escape this situation. They wanted to leave, but all the exits are blocked.

“Unacceptable! Unacceptable…” a middle-aged man who had a short temper muttered, “Is Luo city called ‘Yue’ city now? Let’s see who can stop me if I want to leave.”

He wheeled around and stormed off. A moment later, he returned with a long face, refusing to say a single word no matter how others pressed him. He just took his phone out, unlocked it, and let Yue Tingfeng’s personnel went through it.

Ye Shaoguang watched as Ji Mianmian left as well. He clenched his teeth. This Yue Tingfeng—he had helped that b*stard, yet he… did not provide him an alternative to escape.

It had not been easy to pin Ji Mianmian down, now she was slipping away again.

Ye Shaoguang straight away flung his phone at Jiang Lai. “I don’t want this phone anymore. Let me go.”

Jiang Lai remembered how he had dragged Ji Mianmian off. “Mr. Ye, this isn’t right. We’re not robbers.”

“Take my phone and let me leave.” Ye Shaoguang’s gaze was ferocious.

Jiang Lai rubbed his nose. “Then… sure. Go-–ahead. But… you shouldn’t… she’s gone…

“What did you say?”

“Nothing. Have a safe trip back!” Jiang Lai chuckled.

Ye Shaoguang instantly stalked off, his strides long and fast. Fortunately, he was not that unlucky—he caught the sight of Ji Mianmian as she was just about to enter the car.

Ye Shaoguang hurriedly rushed over. He covered the distance between him and the car in seconds, amazingly managing to pull Ji Mianmian down just as she placed one leg in the car.

Ji Mianmian arched backward as she was being pulled. She lost her balance and was about to fall when the person behind caught her. She saw Ye Shaoguang’s striking, beautiful face. “Ye Shaoguang?” she barked, “What do you want?”

“What do I want? Do you really think you can escape so easily now that I’ve caught you?”

Ye Shaoguang swept Ji Mianmian into a bridal carry. “Tell Yan Qingsi that I’m stealing her assistant for a while,” he told the chauffeur.

“Ye Shaoguang, you b*stard!” Ji Mianmian roared, “Put me down! Fight me fair and square! Let’s see if I can beat you…”

“Sure thing. You can beat me up all you like once we’re in bed.”

Ye Shaoguang strode off quickly. Yan Qingsi saw him carrying Ji Mianmian off from behind. She leaped down from the car, intending to give it a chase, but she could never catch up.

Yan Qingsi gritted her teeth in frustration. “This Ye Shaoguang! Is he really that concerned about my people?”

“He doesn’t have any ill intentions toward Ji Mianmian…” Yue Tingfeng said.

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. “I know he doesn’t. If he did, I would have murdered him long ago.”

“Come on. Get in the car first. I’ll get someone to tail Ye Shaoguang in a moment.”

Yan Qingsi turned around and spotted You Yi just as he walked out of the hotel’s main entrance. She was stunned for a while. It was as though You Yi had disappeared from the entirety of the dinner. She almost forgot about him.

You Yi walked toward Yan Qingsi. Yue Tingfeng stood in front of her. “Mr. You, thank you for helping me handle Ye Jiangong.”

They had not seen You Yi since the drama started. At the same time, they had not seen anyone else from the Ye family.

This could only mean one thing—that You Yi had successfully pinned Ye Jiangong down.

It was easy to handle Mrs. Helan alone. However, throw crafty old Ye Jiangong in the mix and it would be a different story. If he had retaliated just now, the situation would not have been resolved so easily. Ye Jiangong’s tricks and schemes were far too unpredictable.

It was only right to thank You Yi for tonight’s success.

You Yi’s eyes were locked onto Yan Qingsi. “I didn’t do it for you,” he told Yue Tingfeng coldly.

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