Chapter 814 - Does My Mother Have Any Connection with the Yous?

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Chapter 814: Does My Mother Have Any Connection with the Yous?

Today, he lifted a hand to support Ye Jiangong back—all for Yan Qingsi.

“It doesn’t matter who you did it for,” Yue Tingfeng said, smiling, “I need to thank you for tonight.”

Yan Qingsi just recalled that besides You Yi, that old head of the Ye family did not make an appearance.

She wanted to say something to You Yi, but she felt as though it would be awkward no matter what she said. She… did not know how to communicate with You Yi.

You Yi was so kind, so generous to her, just like how Mrs. Yue had treated her in the beginning. However, she had gotten used to Mrs. Yue, and Mrs. Yue was a woman—the love of a mother was something she had experienced when she was young. That was why accepting Mrs. Yue had not been too difficult.

However… You Yi was different. You Yi… was a man. He was a man old enough to be her father.

He was kind to her because of her mother. Yan Qingsi never knew what to say whenever she saw him.

“From today onwards, I’ll be in Luo city for quite a while,” You Yi told Yan Qingsi, “Come see me if you need anything.”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Mmph… For tonight… Thank you.”

A faint smile barely tinged You Yi’s face. “It’s hot outside. Get in the car.”

Yan Qingsi bobbed her head. She got onto the car with Yue Tingfeng.

Just before she entered the car, Yan Qingsi suddenly remembered something. She had missed the opportunity twice before—she could not miss it again. “I need to ask You Yi about something that just popped into my mind,” she said to Yue Tingfeng.

Yue Tingfeng clasped her hand. “I’ll go with you.”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “No need. Wait for me in the car with Auntie. I-I want to ask him personally.”

Yan Qingsi extricated her hand out of Yue Tingfeng’s clasp. She hitched her skirt and ran across. “Wait… You, wait…” she called out to You Yi, who was about to get into a car.

You Yi turned around and looked at Yan Qingsi. “Is there anything else?” he asked.

Yan Qingsi nodded. “There is…

“I have something to ask you.”

“What is it?” You Yi replied.

Yan Qingsi had only brought a tiny purse for tonight’s charity dinner. She was not prepared as she had not anticipated running into You Yi. “That year, when you met my mother,” she said, gesturing wildly, “Did you see her wearing a necklace? It was silver in color.”

You Yi shook his head. “I didn’t. In my time, women made sure to button their shirts all the way up. I wouldn’t have been able to see the necklace even if she wore it.”

Yan Qingsi frowned. “Really? Then… Do you have any recollection of the silver necklace You Xi wears? The silver one with half a ginkgo leaf?”

You Yi nodded his head. “I know. What about that necklace?”

“My mother had an exact copy of that necklace. I have seen it since I was young. I remember that she was still wearing it when she died,” Yan Qingsi said, her words rushed and flustered, “Then she was cremated, and the necklace was gone. When I saw You Xi’s necklace, I’d thought that it was my mother’s. So I grabbed it from him. It was only later that I realized that there were two necklaces, not one…”

You Yi’s expression immediately shifted the moment Yan Qingsi finished speaking.

“I think the necklace my mother had and the necklace You Yi has is a pair. If my assumptions are correct, putting the pendants together would form a complete ginkgo leaf,” Yan Qingsi continued. “My… mother. Did she… have any connection to the Yous?”

“You’re saying… that your mother had a necklace that… resembles You Xi’s? Is that right? Are you sure you didn’t remember wrongly?”

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