Chapter 816 - That B*stard was Dead to Me a Long Time Ago

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Chapter 816: That B*stard was Dead to Me a Long Time Ago

She sensed the faint existence of a feeling she had never experienced when she saw that man’s silhouette.

Yue Tingfeng noticed that Yan Qingsi was quiet throughout the journey back home. “What’s wrong?” he asked, “What did he say to make you so deep in thoughts?”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “I don’t know either. I’m worried that I may have caused… another bigger problem.”

You Yi’s expression had told Yan Qingsi that if she did reveal this to others, and if what he was saying was true, it would incite absolute chaos. Then… it would only bring more problems.

However, Yan Qingsi had no idea why her mother had an exact copy of the necklace You Xi wore.

If that necklace was not a You family heirloom, then where was it from? Who had given it to You Xi?

Yan Qingsi’s head was a tangle of thoughts.

Yue Tingfeng kept one hand on the steering wheel and took Yan Qingsi’s hand with the other.

“I’m here. Mom and I are here.”

“That’s right. I’m here too,” Mrs. Yue piped up from the back, “Qingsi, look at how awesome I am now. I managed to handle a thug all on my own. I can help you from now on. I won’t let you do anything alone.”

Yan Qingsi’s heart was filled with warmth. That was right. She had them by her side now. Unlike in the past where she was forced to confront everything alone.

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. “Mmhmm. You were awesome tonight, Auntie. Really awesome.”

Mrs. Yue’s face reddened. “Actually, I would have fainted a lot sooner if you two weren’t by my side. Do you know why I sat down in the midst of the situation? My legs were weak—like jelly. If I hadn’t sat down I would have stumbled the moment I stood up. I was genuinely shocked when I saw Yue Pengcheng—so shocked that I couldn’t make any expression on my face. I never thought that Zhang Suya would have brought Yue Pengcheng back. I was so anxious. That woman—never mind that she went against me last time, but I was wondering what she was planning then.”

Yan Qingsi smiled. “She was planning to make you suffer I guess. There’s nothing but darkness and twisted schemes in the hearts of this sort of person. There’s no use trying to use your logic to understand a madman.”

In reality, Mrs. Helan’s intentions were not that hard to understand. She was a competitive, prideful and jealous woman. She had the airs of a princess, but she did not have the title nor the life of one.

Her father had sacrificed his life to secure her a place in the Su family. Meanwhile, she watched as Mrs. Yue received all the love and adoration from everyone. She watched as the other girl received so many things even though they were the same age, as though she were the moon, with so many stars flocking around her. Mrs. Yue did not have to lift a finger to get everything in the world.

Yet she had nothing. This depressive feeling gradually turned into envy, and envy would make a person lose all common sense and make them go mad.

Even when Mrs. Helan eventually got everything she wanted and lived in comfortable wealth, she was not satisfied. Instead, she became even more frenzied, wanting to take everything away from Mrs. Yue. She wanted to see disaster fall upon her, she wanted to step on her and savor the taste of her lifelong wish. This was a sickness that needed treatment.

Yan Qingsi thought of something. “Auntie, I’ve always wanted to ask you something,” she said to Mrs. Yue, “How could you think of saying… that Yue Pengcheng was dead?”

Mrs. Yue stroked her chin. “He’s always been dead to me. For the past thirty years, I thought, Why isn’t he dead? Why can’t he just die? Almost every day… I never intended to let him live another day. He’s been dead to me a long time ago.”

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