Chapter 817 - The Start of Mrs. Helan’s Miserable Life

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Chapter 817: The Start of Mrs. Helan’s Miserable Life

Mrs. Yue’s reply was simple. It did not happen because she had a sudden flash of inspiration, but because that b*stard Yue Pengcheng was already dead to her.

“You were way too awesome just now. Especially when you said that he was dead. Amazing.”

“Really?” Mrs. Yue chuckled.


“It’s too bad that this was the most I could do for Zhang Suya,” Mrs. Yue sighed. “She’d rather die than admit the truth. What if the police can’t charge her?”

Yan Qingsi held Mrs. Yue. “No. That won’t happen,” she said, smiling, “This is just the beginning. Do you think she’ll be able to maintain her position in the Helan family?”

All the information that Mrs. Yue had revealed today was a complete and utter humiliation for Helan Mingde, a boulder dropped right atop of his head.

Even if Helan Mingde did not divorce Zhang Suya, she would have a difficult time living with the Helans in the future.

No sane man would want to see a wife who had cheated on him.

This was just the beginning of a horrible life for Mrs. Helan.

When they reached home at night, Yue Tingfeng quickly arranged for someone to procure the death certificate of Yue Pengcheng in M country. The method was not legal, but so long as you were willing to spend a little more money, there was nothing that could not be done overseas.

Yue Pengcheng was not even a colossal figure. He did not have many achievements in all his thirty years in another country. He would only ruin the Yues’ completely even if he became the Yue family’s head.

Yue Tingfeng instructed his staff in M country to buy a piece of ground in the graveyard that very night and erect a tombstone for Yue Pengcheng there and then.

Since he was doing it, he might as well follow it through. He would make Yue Pengcheng completely ‘dead’. Even if he was alive, he was dead on paper. He was practically non-existent.

No one would acknowledge him no matter where he went.

After finishing all this, Yue Tingfeng still felt uneasy. He called Jiang Lai.

“Jiang Lai, go find Ding Fu. Make sure she keeps her mouth shut before the police get to her…”

“What if Ding Fu doesn’t agree to this? She’s been with Yue Pengcheng for 30 years now.”

“Don’t worry. She’ll definitely agree. In fact, she’ll agree wholeheartedly… Go find her. She can’t wait for it.”

“All right. Understood, Boss.”

Yue Tingfeng went into the room once he had finished handling all this. Yan Qingsi was fast asleep. He changed into pajamas and lay on the bed, pulling Yan Qingsi into his embrace. His once-empty arms were suddenly filled with warmth.

He suddenly remembered something, that his arms existed for her.

Yue Tingfeng could not agree more with the sentiment.

The night was still and quiet. The room temperature was fixed at 26 degrees—not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

Later in the night, the soft hiss of a shower rang from outside. The raindrops pelted against the windows rhythmically, sending the residents of the house into an even deeper sleep.

At the same time, two people stood in front of a ward in the hospital.

“I’ll leave first then, Chairman.”

Helan Mingde nodded. “Go. Don’t let anyone know about this. When the result is out, tell me immediately.”

“All right. I’ll take my leave now if there’s nothing else.”

“Hold on. Bring Shufen and her son into the house.”

Helan Mingde’s secretary was stunned. The director wanted to bring his mistress and his b*stard child into the house? This–this…

“This may… not be a good idea, Chairman? Your wife, she…”

He did not finish his sentence when Helan Mingde cast him a cold glare. He shivered under the stare, swallowed the rest of his words and immediately shut his mouth.

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