Chapter 819 - I Will Never Trust You Again

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Chapter 819: I Will Never Trust You Again

Helan Xiuse continued to cry. “Brother…” she said.

She lifted her bandaged hand, reaching out for Helan Fangnian.

Helan Fangnian did not move. In the end, though, she managed to catch one of his fingers. Helan Xiuse managed to put on an innocent smile through the tears. “Finally got you, Brother. Don’t ever leave me again. I’m so scared without you, Brother… They said–they said… that I’m not dad’s daughter. How could they be so wicked… I’ve never offended them, I’ve never hurt them. Why are they doing this to me? What did I do wrong?

“Brother, tell dad to not suspect my identity anymore, please? How could I not be his daughter? You love me the most, Brother. Can you just stand and watch other people hurt me like this? Brother… you love me the most, don’t you?”

Helan Fangnian studied Helan Xiuse. She cried so sorrowfully, and her words had seemed sincere, but… her objective was to make him help her tell their father that she was the daughter of the Helan family.

His sister was no longer an innocent, carefree child anymore. She was already planning whatever she wanted in life.

Helan Fangnian gave Helan Xiuse a cool stare. “Xiuxiu, remember when I asked you whether you knew anything about Mother’s plans earlier tonight? Do you remember what I told you when you said that you didn’t know anything?”

Helan Xiuse recalled what he had said. Panic surged in her. “Brother, I—”

“I said that this was the last time I would trust you.

“If you two hadn’t done something like that if you hadn’t press on… if you hadn’t forced Auntie Yue’s hand, why would she say any of that? Everything that you and Mother suffered through today was of your own doing.”

Helan Xiuse stared at him in shock, tears still pooling at the corners of her eyes. Her gaze was large and clear, filmed over with tears. She really looked like a clueless, innocent girl.

Helan Xiuse never imagined that Helan Fangnian would say something like that to her. This brother of hers, who truly loved her the most…

“Brother… You… How could you say this to me?” she mumbled, “I… Mom said that she wanted to apologize to Auntie Yue. She wanted to make her happy, so she found that man. I thought that this would make Auntie Yue happy… I really thought that it would make her happy. I really did everything for her sake…”

“You thought? You thought what?” Helan Fangnian cut her off. “You really don’t know what happened to the Yues? or how much Auntie Yue hates that man? For Auntie Yue’s sake, my *ss. You and Mother just wanted to see her suffer… Xiuse, I’m truly disappointed in you.”

Helan Xiuse’s tactic of playing dumb before Helan Fangnian utterly failed this time.

The Helans knew the situation concerning Yue Pengcheng the best, all because Mrs. Helan had shown her knowledge of it throughout the years.

There was no way that Helan Xiuse did not know what happened. There was no way she did know how much Mrs. Yue hated Yue Pengcheng. Yet she did it anyway—and she pretended to be innocent even after she had done it.

He would have fallen for her tricks if he had been a stranger. He was not a stranger though. He grew more and more distant the more he heard Helan Xiuse spoke, as though the ice was frosting over his heart.

Helan Xiuse caught Helan Fangnian’s hand. “Brother, I didn’t do anything on purpose. Please believe me. I’m your sister. Why can’t you believe me just this once? I’m not lying to you. I’m really not lying… Mom forced me to keep quiet about it… I didn’t have a choice. Brother… You know how Mom’s temper is like…”

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