Chapter 820 - She is the Devil, But You are also a Demon

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Chapter 820: She is the Devil, But You are also a Demon

Helan Xiuse had no choice but to push all the blame onto Mrs. Helan in order to protect herself.

In this sort of situation, no one had the time to worry about one another. Her mother’s image was completely ruined. It could never be salvaged anyway so she should help take away some of the blame from her daughter.

Helan Xiuse felt that her mother, who loved her so much, would understand and even approve of what she was doing.

A bitter laugh escaped Helan Fangnian. “Mother forced you to keep quiet? Again. How many times have you told me this before? Xiuxiu, I really can’t trust you anymore. Just rest well.”

Helan Fangnian pulled his hand out of Helan Xiuse’s grip and left.

“Brother… Brother…” Helan Xiuse cried.

He saw Helan Mingde outside, whose expression was grave and forlorn. “Dad,” he sighed. “You’ve worked hard all these years.”

Helan Mingde suddenly sobbed and threw his arms around Helan Fangnian. “My son. Only two of us are left in this family from now on.”

Helan Mingde did not have a particularly strong character. He was only capable of stubbornly forcing himself to bear the disaster that befell his family. Now that he saw his son, it was as though his constitution completely crumbled into dust. He clung onto Helan Fangnian, sobbing like a child.

Helan Fangnian breathed a long sigh. He had a good family—now it was going to be broken.

He did not blame anymore, and he definitely did not blame Yue Tingfeng and Yan Qingsi. He only blamed himself for not trying to save his family earlier. He was a lawyer, someone who observed people for a living—he should have detected that something was amiss with his family long ago.

He should have seen that his mother was keeping unspeakable secrets, that his sister was becoming crooked under her wing.

However, his heart was never home. His heart had always been set on becoming a famous lawyer—on becoming the best and the most successful lawyer. Then… his heart was set on finding Yan Qingsi, but when he found her she was already with Yue Tingfeng. Helan Fangnian’s heart had sunk into the depths. It was as though a film of dust had settled over his eyes and his heart, unable to discern so many things, so many people.

Today’s events, however, suddenly jolted Helan Fangnian awake. He could not go on like this. Since his family was already broken, he can’t continue being like this.

Helan Mingde continued wailing for a moment. “You won’t blame me if I divorce Zhang Suya, right?” he asked.

Helan Fangnian shook his head. “I won’t.”

They were both men, so he understood Helan Mingde. No sane man could handle this if this catastrophe befell them.


“Father, what Mother did indeed cross the line. Of course, I understand if you want to divorce her, but… There’s something that I hope you understand–You’re not any better than Mother.”

“What did you say?” Helan Mingde sputtered in shock.

“Mother had affairs all these years, but so did you,” Helan Fangnian said, “Mother was carrying someone else’s child when she first married you, but that child did not make it to this world in the end. However, you… That illegitimate child of yours is probably ten years old now, right?”

Helan Mingde was stunned. “I–I’m a man. How can she compare to me?” he said haltingly, “She had so many paramours.”

“How are you any different?” Helan Fangnian retorted. “Everyone is the same. If you want a divorce, go ahead. I don’t have any other intention of telling you all this. I just want to tell you, Dad, that you didn’t really suffer much humiliation between the two of you.”

Helan Mingde’s mouth gaped open, at a loss for words!

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