Chapter 821 - That B*stard No Longer Exists in this World

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Chapter 821: That B*stard No Longer Exists in this World

It was seven in the morning. Yan Qingsi was still not awake. Yue Tingfeng got out of bed.

He ran into Mrs. Yue downstairs. “Where are you going this early in the morning?” she asked.

“I’m going to run some errands,” Yue Tingfeng answered. “And I’ll drop by the police station on the way.”

“You’re going to run… Yue Pengcheng’s errands?”

“That’s right. I’m going to settle him once and for all so that this nightmare can end. Qingsi is still asleep. Just let her know when she’s awake.”

Mrs. Yue waved a hand. “Sure thing. Go on then.”

Yue Tingfeng did not move. “Mom, why didn’t you ask if I wanted breakfast!” he asked.

Mrs. Yue pursed her lips. “Aren’t you in a rush? Eating breakfast would waste so much time!”

The corners of Yue Tingfeng’s lips twitched. “Mom, am I some kind of freebie to you?”

Disappointment at a missed opportunity flashed across Mrs. Yue’s expression. “If only. Then you won’t have a trace of Yue Pengcheng’s blood in you anymore.”

Yue Tingfeng had no reply to that.

In the end, out of pity, his mother pushed a bowl of soy milk into his hands when he was preparing to leave. He gulped down its contents and stalked out of the door unsatisfied.

Yue Tingfeng went to the office first. At nine in the morning, he received a death certificate from M country—which was all the way across the ocean—along with a few supporting documents.

Yue Tingfeng passed all the information to the company’s legal consultant team. They scanned through it and studied it. They all agreed that the details were all there—enough to prove the death of a man.

However, there was one other matter, Yue Pengcheng’s passport and ID were all real. How would they explain this?

Yue Tingfeng rubbed his chin. “I have a plan for this. Come with me to the police station.”

“How’s it going over there, Jiang Lai?” he asked.

Jiang Lai nodded. “Don’t worry, Boss. It’s all good. I’ve arranged the timing so that it nearly matches our time of arrival.”

Yue Tingfeng checked the time, then marched out along with his team.

When he arrived at the police station, he happened to see Ding Fu, who had been brought over by the police.

Yue Tingfeng was taken aback by the appearance of Ding Fu. Why was this woman now so… so unkempt, so ugly?

Her face, once plump and smooth with the care she puts into it, was now full and sallow. Wrinkles were carved deep into her face, and her dull hair was devoid of a healthy sheen. She was so skinny that she looked anorexic. A faded black dress draped over her frame, revealing the sharp, jutting corners of her bones. When she walked, her two legs trembled.

The police brought Yue Pengcheng over. “Your circumstances are special. You say that you’re real, while Mr. Yue says that you’re a fake. Since you claim that this is the woman whom you’ve lived with for thirty years, surely she can differentiate if you’re the real deal or not. So we’ll let you two confront each other properly now.”

Yue Pengcheng was full of confidence. “Hmph. I’ll definitely prove that I’m Yue Pengcheng and that I’m not dead. This is all a wicked scheme thought by that mother and son pair. I’m going to make sure that karma bites them back.”

Yue Tingfeng chuckled humorlessly. He lifted his hand. A lawyer standing by his side handed in the death certificate of Yue Pengcheng, along with other documents.

“We have sufficient evidence here to prove that Yue Pengcheng had died a year ago, during spring. I believe that this information is enough not just within this country, but in any other country. It’s enough to prove a person dead.”

The police flipped the report open. The information was divided into two parts. One in English, and the other in Mandarin. Besides the death certificate issued by the hospital, there were further supporting evidence provided. There was even a photograph of Yue Pengcheng laying on a sickbed on life support.

Cruelty flashed in Yue Tingfeng’s eyes. “All the evidence is here, dear sir,” he said, “Stop playing dumb anymore. My biological father… is dead! There’s no one called Yue Pengcheng on this earth anymore!”

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