Chapter 822 - The Tables Have Turned on the B*stard!

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Chapter 822: The Tables Have Turned on the B*stard!

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Yue Pengcheng nearly wanted to spew blood. He preferred to have no son at all rather than having this prodigal b*stard.

 “Yue Tingfeng, you’re trying to kill your father. You will be punished. Retribution will come for you—you’ll die sooner or later!”

Yue Tingfeng shook his head. “Why so? I don’t have a great relationship with my father, I admit. He did abandon me and my mother for thirty years, after all. I can’t be nice to him even if I wanted to. But he is my father. Even if he’s dead, I can’t allow some random stranger to take his place, claiming that he’s my father.”

 Yue Tingfeng paused. “This is your last chance,” he said after a while, looking at Yue Pengcheng, “If you continue to keep up with this act, then I’ll… dig up the entire truth.”

 “Sure, sure… How did I have such a b*stard for a son, capable of turning against his own father? Sure then. Let’s see who can find out the truth. Soon, I’ll see if you can afford to smile.”

 The policeman studied the documents intently. After a while, when the two finished arguing, he lifted his head. “What else do you want to add?” he said to Yue Pengcheng. “All this evidence is enough to prove that Yue Pengcheng is dead. And you… are fake.”

 Yue Tingfeng thought through everything when he was preparing the information. Calling his lawyers to filter and organize the information so that it would garner roughly seventy percent of the trust from the police after they looked through it. They would believe that Yue Pengcheng was really dead.

 Yue Pengcheng slammed his hand down on the table in anxiety. “It’s all a lie! You can buy every single piece of information there so long as you have money. That photo, for your information, was taken when I was hospitalized two years ago. It’s not a photo of me dying. You asked me how I can prove that I’m not dead? It’s her. She can…”

 “She lived with me for decades. She knows me inside out,” Yue Pengcheng said, pointing at Ding Fu, “You can investigate if you don’t believe me. We lived together overseas for thirty years. She can tell if I’m the real deal or not even if she closed her eyes. How could she follow me back here if I was fake?”

 Ding Fu’s eyes were red. She wore a helpless expression, looking so pitiful.

 Yue Pengcheng panicked as Ding Fu remained silent; only tears streamed down her face. “Say something! You stupid b*tch…” he snarled hotly, “If you don’t I’ll—”

 Ding Fu suddenly threw herself onto the floor with a thump. “Sir…Save me!” she cried, her voice full of tears. “Please, please save me. I’m almost tortured to death by this man!”

 The police who were there were stunned at the sight. “Ma’am, please get up first. Why don’t you tell us everything slowly?”

 Yue Pengcheng felt that something was going to go wrong when he heard that. “You b*tch. Why are you acting so sad and pitiful for?” he growled in his usual tone, “You think I can’t beat you up to death?”

 Ding Fu’s wails grew louder. She curled herself into a ball, trembling violently. Although she was a mere shadow of who she used to be, her tearful eyes still made others felt that she was a delicate woman who needed protection.

 The policeman felt that there was definitely abuse involved as they saw her crying so hard. “The police are responsible for taking care of the citizens’ wellbeing. Tell us if you’ve suffered any abuse or if he did anything to you. We’ll provide help and protection.”

 Yue Pengcheng was going insane. Ding Fu—that shrew! What was she trying to do? “You b*tch! What are you trying to achieve? Tell the police now that I’m real. I’m the real Yue Pengcheng. I’m the man who slept with you for thirty years. Hurry up and say… tell them that I’m the real Yue Pengcheng!”

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