Chapter 823 - It Has Been a Living Hell for Me; I Cannot Die Even If I Wanted To

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Chapter 823: It Has Been a Living Hell for Me; I Cannot Die Even If I Wanted To

The police felt even more repulsed by Yue Pengcheng when they heard this. “Quiet down. You’re prohibited from making noise around here, and you have no rights to scold anyone. If you don’t heed our orders, we’ll add another charge of disrupting peace in your criminal report.”

“Sir, I’m real, I’m real…”

The police ignored Yue Pengcheng. “Don’t cry. Tell us what happened,” he said to Ding Fu, “It’s no use crying now. If you don’t tell us what went wrong we can’t help you.”

“I–I suffered enough. I have suffered enough,” Ding Fu choked the words out. “It has been a living hell for me. I can’t live, I can’t die… Sir, please help me!”

The policeman immediately whipped his notebook out. “What happened. Tell me everything.”

Ding Fu scrubbed at her eyes. “I want to lodge a police report,” she said, “This happened a month ago. This man is not Yue Pengcheng. I’ve been with Yue Pengcheng for thirty years. I could not accept his death. My soul was tormented all day and all night…”

Steam practically shot out of Yue Pengcheng’s orifices when he heard Ding Fu saying that he was dead. “You f*cking b*tch! Who did you say is dead?”

The policeman beat his hand on the table. “You, quiet. Try saying that again.”

Beads of sweat perspired on Yue Pengcheng’s forehead as he panicked. “I—This woman conspired with Yue Tingfeng. Now they’re on the same side…”

“We’re the police. We have the skills to deduce the truth. We don’t need your commentary,” the policeman said, “Ma’am, please continue.”

“I had no way to handle the situation until a few months ago, a man came to me,” Ding Fu sobbed. “He said that he was Yue Pengcheng. He said that he wasn’t dead. That time, I was in such despair that I believed him when I saw that he looked so similar to Yue Pengcheng. I needed something to latch onto for the sake of my soul. When he appeared, I escaped reality. I pretended that he was the real Yue Pengcheng, living my days out in bliss with him. I told myself that Yue Pengcheng was still alive, and he did treat me nicely in the beginning. He gave me anything and everything, just like Pengcheng.”

Ding Fu looked as though she was reminiscing the sweet, romantic days of when she was with Yue Pengcheng as she spoke. She buried her face in her hands, sobbing. Yue Pengcheng was so angry that he turned purple at the neck, wanting to interrupt Ding Fu quite a few times. However, the policeman shot him a cold glare before he could even open his mouth, so he had to keep it shut.

“Then he suddenly told me that he wanted to bring me back to the country,” Ding Fu resumed after she cried for a while. “I didn’t think too much about it before agreeing. To me, so long as he’s there, it doesn’t matter where I am.”

“When we arrived in Hai city, he dragged me along to see Mrs. Yue when he wanted to raise hell for her. I felt that something was amiss then. Pengcheng and I had been living simply and peacefully for thirty years overseas. Why would he suddenly come back and declare that he wanted a divorce with Mrs. Yue and make me the matron of the Yue family? I was not quite in my right mind then. It was as if my brain was half-fogged with delusions, so I was not capable of considering the situation. I just thought that he really loved me. I told myself to believe this man. Until–until…”

Tremors began to run through Ding Fu’s body as she spoke, as though she was thinking of something extremely terrifying.

Yue Pengcheng was so angry that his stomach hurt. Then Yue Tingfeng kicked straight into his balls. “Yue Tingfeng, you really want to kill your father?” he roared.

“My father is dead,” Yue Tingfeng said coldly, “You have no right to kill me even if you wanted to.”

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