Chapter 824 - This Man is My Worst Nightmare for Life

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Chapter 824: This Man is My Worst Nightmare for Life

Just like Mrs. Yue, Yue Tingfeng’s father had been dead to him for a very long time in his heart.

There was no concept of a ‘father’ in Yue Tingfeng’s world!

Yue Pengcheng really wanted to strangle Yue Tingfeng to death, but he did not dare to do so in front of the police. All he could do was clench his teeth helplessly as he watched.

The policeman gestured for Ding Fu to continue. “Then… we were both kidnapped…” she sobbed. “Then he… he… oh…”

Ding Fu trailed off, then she clamped her head between her hands and released a shriek. She crouched on the ground, her body shivering as though a cold wind had swept over her.

It was as though she thought of the most terrifying, the worst encounter she ever had in her life. Her appearance, her acting, it was… it was undeniable that it looked like it was real.

Ding Fu narrated the events of the ‘kidnapping’. When she came to the part where Yue Pengcheng forced her to sleep with the ‘kidnappers’ to protect himself, her face turned as pale as ash. Her whole body stiffened as if she were a walking corpse.

All the police felt that this was too cruel, that she was so pitiful. That b*stard was even worse than a dog.

He was actually capable of doing such unspeakable things. However, they never anticipated that the worst was yet to come out of Ding Fu’s mouth.

“Then… when we were discharged from the hospital, he refused to give me a single cent,” Ding Fu cried. “He said that I cheated on him. He beat me or yelled at me every day. Until… he became more and more savage, then I woke up from my dream!”

Ding Fu covered her face with her hands. It was as though she was bracing herself, gathering all her courage to speak.

The police did not pressure her. A vein of rage throbbed at Yue Pengcheng’s temple. He wanted to scold her so many times, but the police all glared at him.

Yue Tingfeng casually sipped from a cup of water by the side. He was only a bystander in this drama.

He just needed to listen to it all. Then he could leave!

It was quite a while later when Ding Fu finally raised her head. Her eyes were swollen and bloodshot…

She looked at Yue Pengcheng. Her eyes were filled with loath and hatred. “And then afterward, he… he… He forced me! He forced me to prostitute myself!” she said, “It was right where you found me—that old, lousy hotel. He would bring so many men over. It didn’t matter who they were, it was all right so long as they gave him a bit of money… If I refused, then he would beat me until I was bruised up. I really… have had enough. I don’t want to live anymore… I’ve truly woken up from my dream. This man is not Yue Pengcheng—he’s not the man I’ve been with for thirty years. The man who never fought with me, who never got angry at me. That man is long dead. This man is my worst nightmare in life.”

When she finished, Ding Fu broke down into sobs. She lifted her skirt, shaking. “All of you… Look. Look at my body… How is this a woman’s body…”

Everyone looked over. Bruises and wounds peppered all over between her thighs. There were even traces of cigarette butts. Some wounds were even festered and oozing with pus. Her wounds were so shocking that they made everyone’s hair stand on end.

The police were all stunned into silence. This entire situation, he was… He was far, far worse than the worst b*stard any drama scriptwriter could think of.

Was he even a man?

A female cop could not hold herself back any longer. She rushed forward, eyes red, slapping Yue Pengcheng twice on the face. “You monster! You can be jailed for 20 years for what you did! You, you just… don’t deserve to live!”

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