Chapter 825 - I Wish You Well On Your Journey to Death

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Chapter 825: I Wish You Well On Your Journey to Death

Yue Pengcheng was slapped till he went dizzy. He panicked when he heard ’20 years’. “I didn’t do anything. Everything she said was a lie,” he muttered, “This sl*t was horny herself, so she went and seduced other men. What does it have to do with me?”

The female police gave him another two slaps.

“Just you wait. You’ll rot in jail.”

The other police managed to keep themselves professional, but they were all steaming as well.

They were not done with the questions though. “Does the manager of that hotel knows about this?” the police asked further.

Ding Fu nodded her head. “He knows… He knows everything.”

“This faker told the manager that he could sleep with me anytime if he let him stay for free!” she said, pointing at Yue Pengcheng.

“Is that true?” the police asked Yue Pengcheng.

“No, no. Listen to me. The situation is nothing like that,” Yue Pengcheng said, flustered.

He did do all of that. He thought that since she was a cheating sl*t already, she could sleep with anyone so long as there was cash for him. However, he never expected that Ding Fu would ally with Yue Tingfeng to incriminate him.

This b*tch really did not want to live, did she? She still dared to slander him?

“You can’t just believe whatever you hear. You can’t just listen to her side of the story. This woman has been bought over by Yue Tingfeng to provide a false account.”

Ding Fu raised her head wildly. “False account… You monster. I’ll kill you! Don’t you have a shred of humanity left in you? I’ve been tortured by you till I’m in this state. I feel like I’m neither dead nor alive. And you still slander me…”

She suddenly pounced forward, arms outstretched to choke Yue Pengcheng. The female police who were standing closest tried to her held her back.”

“Calm down. If you kill him, you can’t get away free either.”

“I really don’t want to live anymore. He froze every single cent Yue Pengcheng gave to me. He controlled my ID and my passport,” Ding Fu said monotonously, “I wanted to die so many times, but I couldn’t. He would torture me ten times worse every time he found out. Now I don’t even have the courage to commit suicide. My life is nothing…”

The female police noticed that the area near Ding Fu’s collarbone was just like her thighs—perhaps even worse. The wounds practically stacked atop one another in layers. Before one layer could recover, another layer was wounded.

You could only say that it was too horrible to look at.

The female police did not even dare to touch Ding Fu. “The law will serve the justice you want.”

Ding Fu’s eyes looked as though they would cry blood. “I just want this perverted monster to be punished for what he deserves.”

“He will be!”

Yue Pengcheng watched as the odds turned more and more against his favor. He truly regretted telling the police to find Ding Fu to prove that he was alive. In the end, he dug a deeper grave for himself.

“They’re both plotting against me. Sirs, they are really conspiring against me. I’m being wrongly accused. I really am…”

“The judge will tell you if you were wrongly accused,” the police laughed mirthlessly.

Yue Pengcheng was forced to stay at the police station. “See you, Mr. Fake,” Yue Tingfeng finally said.

“Just you wait and see. Just you wait!” Yue Pengcheng screamed, raising his fist, “I won’t let you get away with this. You won’t get away…”

Yue Tingfeng cocked a brow. “Then I wish you well on your journey to death so that you’ll go even further!”

Yue Tingfeng would not murder Yue Pengcheng, but he definitely would not let this man appear and cause another ruckus in his and his mother’s lives. He would not let him appear before his mother and disgust her again.

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