Chapter 826 - Can’t Your Boss See His Girlfriend?

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Chapter 826: Can’t Your Boss See His Girlfriend?

Yue Pengcheng was taken away. Yue Tingfeng had no part in the rest of the matter.

When he was about to leave, Ding Fu suddenly said, “Mr. Yue, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I would have had no way to escape from a living hell. I truly am grateful for you!”

Ding Fu was trying to get on Yue Tingfeng’s good side through her words, showing how appreciative she was. She wanted to tell Yue Tingfeng that she had completely broken up with Yue Tingfeng. There was absolutely nothing between them anymore. She hoped that Yue Tingfeng would see that she had greatly assisted him in the matter today, so they would not harm each other from now on.

Ding Fu had probably realized that no one could go against the Yue family. Yue Pengcheng was Yue Tingfeng’s own father, yet he resides in a cell now.

When Yue Tingfeng wanted to get rid of somebody, he would leave no room for retaliation. Yue Pengcheng did not have a single inch of ground to stand on.

Ding Fu was extremely afraid that Yue Tingfeng would wreck her life. She really feared death—she especially feared death. Even though she had spoken with such a forlorn tone, as though life had no meaning and that there was no hope left in this world.

Yet deep down in her heart, she actually feared death a lot. Otherwise, she would not have held out until now.

Any other woman would have committed suicide ten times over if they had to go through such an ordeal.

However, Ding Fu somehow amazingly managed to hold out until now.

Yue Tingfeng emitted a mirthless chuckle. He did not say anything as he wheeled around and left.

He had always known that Ding Fu was a master in manipulation. He could see this woman’s schemes and capabilities from her being able to control Yue Pengcheng for thirty years. If all of that had not happened, Yue Pengcheng would still have been eating out of Ding Fu’s hand.

Today though, Yue Pengcheng witnessed Ding Fu’s remarkable acting skills for himself. It was so real that it was frightening.

By all means, Ding Fu was definitely not an unassuming person. She actually managed to convince the police to believe her entire act without them investigating for more evidence.

He could not drop his guard against this woman.

The police took Ding Fu to be examined for her injuries. Yue Tingfeng sat in the car, watching as Ding Fu was escorted off.

“Young Master, what about Ding Mulian and Ding Jinkui? Why haven’t they made an appearance?” Jiang Lai asked. “What will we do if Yue Pengcheng wants to find them?”

“Ding Fu will definitely not let them take Yue Pengcheng’s side if she’s around.” Ding Fu was talented at manipulating emotions. Whatever Yue Pengcheng forced DingFu to do, it was impossible her two children know nothing of. Ding Fu now wanted the inheritance that Yue Pengcheng had controlled. She would only get the money if he went into jail and never came back out.

It was for the sake of money. That was why Ding Fu would never let it slip away.

“We can’t let our guard down even after today’s events,” Yue Tingfeng said, “Send someone to survey Ding Fu and her people.”

Jiang Lai nodded his head. “Understood!”

“To my house!”

“Boss, it’s not after office hours yet. Shouldn’t you go to the office?”

“Can’t your boss not want to go to the office? Can’t your boss go back home? Can’t your boss see his girlfriend?”

“Okay… Okay. Sure…”

Jiang Lai regretted his words. Why did he even ask? Just to allow his boss to jab at him?

Was he seeking torture?

At that moment, Mrs. Helan woke up in the hospital.

Wounds gaped all over her body. One arm had bone fracture, and the other was broken. Her vision was still blurry because the mustard that had gone into her eyes had not been washed off immediately.

It would be fine if she could just lay on the bed and recover properly, but she was not given the chance. The moment she regained consciousness, the police arrived.

They kept pestering her about how she found the fake Yue Pengcheng, and what were her intentions. They were forcing her to confess her crimes!

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