Chapter 829 - What to Do with a Vicious Mistress?

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Chapter 829: What to Do with a Vicious Mistress?

Mrs. Helan was shocked at the sight. She instantly knew that something was going to go wrong.

The very next second, Helan Mingde charged into the ward. He saw Li Jingyi slumped on the floor, her appearance disheveled and her head bowed as she cried. Her shoulders shook, and her right arm clung onto her left.

Meanwhile, a large red patch shone on her left arm. It took only one look to discern what happened.

Helan Mingde immediately remembered the shame hanging over his head when he saw Zhang Suya again. Suddenly, he felt as though his shame was being spotlighted. The sheer embarrassment from yesterday all flashed in his eyes.

“Helan Mingde, what is this b*tch doing?” Zhang Suya shrieked before Helan Mingde could even get angry, “You dare to let her and her b*stard son into the Helan family? What were you thinking? Are you still human, Helan Mingde? How could you do this! Can the b*stard this b*tch bore ever compare to Fangnian?”

Helan Mingde was so angry that he smiled. He wondered where Zhang Suya got her confidence from. She actually thought that she had the right to call another person a b*tch when she was the one who shamed him and dared to act so insolently in front of him. What on earth was this creature?

“Whatever I do, it’ll never compare to what you did,” Helan Mingde laughed mirthlessly. “After all that dirty, devious stuff you did, do you think that you still have the right to strut around in the Helan family? Do you really think that I would tolerate you? She’s a mistress. She can’t marry me. But you… You’re a worse match. You’re even worse than a b*tch.”

Zhang Suya instantly understood that whatever Li Jinyi did had already garnered approval from Helan Mingde!

Now he wanted to… get rid of her.

He could not stand her any longer. She would be like her old self again.

Panic seized Zhang Suya. Her position… Her position as Mrs. Helan—was it going to be ripped away?

She clenched her teeth, glaring at that woman. No matter what, she could not let Helan Mingde think about divorce. She had to go through a lot of trouble before she could come up with a surefire plan.

“Mingde, I’m sorry,” Zhang Suya said. “Just now I—”

“Mingde… I wanted to see Sis myself,” Li Jingyi cut her off, raising her head. Her eyes were brimming with tears. “Don’t be angry… I shouldn’t have come. I’ll go back, pack up and leave. I don’t want to trouble you. Don’t be angry.”

Fury ignited in Zhang Suya when she heard that. What the hell? What was all this? All this had been her doing!

“You f*cking shrew. You dare to resort to this. Try and say another word in front of me. I’ll rip your skin off you…”

Zhang Suya forgot that both her arms were injured, with one fractured bone and the other broken. She struggled with the intent of attacking that woman, but she forgot about her own injuries. With one move, she flipped over and fell from the bed. Her right arm was crushed beneath her body after she fell.

An agonized scream suddenly ripped through the entire hospital.


Li Jingyi just crawled onto her feet. She was so frightened when Zhang Suya tumbled right in front of her that she wanted to dodge off. However, the more she dodged the more panicked she became. She slipped and fell right atop Zhang Suya.

She fell down with her backside splat on the other woman’s body. A jolt of pain shot throughout Zhang Suya’s body. For f*ck’s sake. She could almost hear the sound of her bones shattering.

Li Jingyi attempted to get up several times in panic. The more she panicked, the more she slipped, especially when there was chicken soup on the floor. She fell down a few more times. “I’m so sorry, Sis! Are you all right?”

“You – b*tch!” Zhang Suya grounded the two words out, then her head slumped over and she fainted. A wry smile that radiated pleasure tinged Li Jingyi’s lips.

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