Chapter 832 - It's So Nice to have Someone Serve Me!

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Chapter 832: It’s So Nice to have Someone Serve Me!

Ji Mianmian dug out the last potato chip and stuffed it into her mouth, going crunch! crunch! crunch! as she chewed. “I’ve no mood now. I’ll test you out when I’m in the mood,” she said, “Just go shower and get ready.”

Ye Shaoguang gritted his teeth. It had been two days. It had been two days since he carried Ji Mianmian back.

He had wanted to clarify that he did not want to be pulled along a string by Ji Mianmian anymore. He wanted to get it all off his chest and made her understand. It would be best if he managed to bed her and seal the deal.

However, after he managed to drag her here, Ye Shaoguang realized that she was not someone who you could sleep with if you wanted to. If Ji Mianmian did not agree, her strength and her skills could not simply be tested.

The worst part of it? She said that if he dared to force her into it, he would have no more hope. Ever.

With that one sentence, Ye Shaoguang held it all in. He tolerated everything; he waited…

Ji Mianmian seemed to be educated by Yan Qingsi lately. She was a little more aware of the relationships between men and women now. Ye Shaoguang told himself that this was something good. At least she knew that she should be more careful in relationships.

Yet… Should he just give up this hard-earned opportunity?

However, during the two days Ji Mianmian—that heartless idiot—was staying here, all she did was eat and sleep, and watch TV when she woke up. She watched movies and all sorts of variety shows. She was turning his house into a pigsty.

The problem was that she was now ordering him shamelessly, telling him to brew tea, pour water out and order delivery food. She treated him like a maid.

Ye Shaoguang saw that Ji Mianmian absolutely had no intention of testing his skills on the bed and was maddened. He grabbed her and pulled her up, shoving her toward the door. “Get up. Since you want to wait, then we will meet again when you have the mood.”

Ji Mianmian threw herself onto him and hugged him when she heard this. “Don’t. I don’t want to leave… I’m not leaving… You brought me here. Don’t even think you can chase me out so easily.”

Ye Shaoguang clenched his jaw. “You don’t even want to test things out on the bed. Then what are you here for? You just want to make me salivate all over you?”

Ji Mianmian lifted her chin. Potato chip crumbs were still stuck at the corners of her mouth. She had no makeup on, and her dark circles were especially heavy from an entire night of watching movies. She was wearing Ye Shaoguang’s T-shirt and her hair was an unholy mess. She looked completely disheveled, with not a single lick of a desire to look good in front of a man. The problem was that this man liked her—really liked her.

Ji Mianmian’s dark eyes turned bright. “I have no mood and that’s precisely why you should let me stay. Think about it. I can see you anytime if I’m here. What if I suddenly have the mood? Then I can sleep with you, right?” she reasoned. “If I leave, I won’t see you, and I will have no way to see you even if I wanted to. Then we will never… You have to give yourself a chance. Why can’t you open your mind?”

Ye Shaoguang wanted to vomit blood. Who was the one who could not open their mind here?

“Ji Mianmian, I think you don’t want to leave because you’re comfortable living here.”

Ji Mianmian blinked. Her expression told Ye Shaoguang that he… hit the nail on the spot. This woman had no intention of leaving.

Ye Shaoguang glared at her. “You seriously don’t want to leave because you’re comfortable?”

Guilt flashed in Ji Mianmian’s eyes as she looked at him. “Er… Well… I actually… not that…” she mumbled.

Ji Mianmian got a taste of the comfort of a luxury condo for the two days she was there. The air conditioning was so cooling, she had someone to serve her, and she did not have to spend a single cent on food or drink. The best part was the… the bed was so big! It was so comfortable to sleep on. She did not want to leave, she did not want to leave… She really did not want to leave!

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