Chapter 856 - Don’t Meddle In My Affairs

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Chapter 856: Don’t Meddle In My Affairs

Mrs. You smiled. “It was just a wild guess. Don’t mind me if I was wrong.”

Mrs. You seemingly ignored the hostility in You Yi’s words and responded calmly, which brought a hidden meaning that You Yi was overreacting in this issue.

Grandmother You said, “Hey, your sister-in-law was just making a guess. We’re actually worried about you since you’re constantly away from home. Look at you. You are not young anymore and yet you’re still single. If you really have a crush on someone, please quickly bring her back home. We don’t care about family backgrounds anymore. As long as she is kind and treats you well, we’ll definitely accept her as your spouse.”

You Yi lowered his gaze and replied, “I don’t have any.”

The woman he loved, died seventeen years ago, and so was his heart.

He may not exist in this world anymore if it was not for the fact that he wanted to avenge her.

Grandmother You sighed. “What am I supposed to say about you? I’ll ask your sister-in-law to arrange a blind date for you if you don’t have any intention of getting married. My eldest daughter-in-law, you mentioned that someone was interested in meeting You Yi the last time, yes?”

Mrs. You answered, “Yes, she is the daughter of the Xiao family who works as a lecturer in The Chinese University of Ocean City after returning home…”

Grandmother You was exhilarated after listening to Mrs. You. “Oh, a family of scholars. The daughter must be well educated. That’s very good. Ask her if…”

You Xi shuddered after receiving You Yi’s cold gaze and interrupted immediately. “Hey, grandma. Why don’t you arrange the date for me if she’s a good candidate? Uncle You Yi can find a woman fairly easy with his irresistible glamor, but I can’t. I desperately need a spouse, so how about you arrange that blind date for me?”

The obedient You Xi could understand his Uncle You Yi’s gaze with no difficulty.

Grandmother You glared at You Xi. “Forget it. I haven’t even started with you yet. Your current reputation is… indescribably unsightly. When can you stop being fickle with women and settle down for good? Fortunately, your grandpa isn’t here with us, otherwise, he’ll definitely teach you a lesson.”

You Xi brushed his nose awkwardly. “Well, that’s why you’ve got to find one for me quickly due to my… current bad reputation.”

Mrs. You smiled. “This lady isn’t suitable for you because she is older.”

You Xi replied quickly, “A wife of three years older than the husband ensures a richer life. She is definitely suitable for me.”

Grandmother You said, “Stop messing around. Please contact the Xiao family and arrange a blind date for You Yi later…”

You Yi stood up abruptly and countered coldly. “That’s enough. Don’t meddle in my affairs. You can go to the date yourself.”

After that, he walked straight toward the door which piqued Grandmother You’s curiosity. “You just came back two days ago. Where are you going now?”

You Yi answered, “Busy. Going out.”

Mrs. You added, “You Yi, Grandmother You’s milestone birthday celebration is coming soon.”

“I’ll return on that day,” You Yi then walked out of the house.

You Xi brushed his nose again in response. Everyone assumed that he was the overlord of the You family, but take a look at You Yi. You Xi was nowhere close to Uncle You Yi in terms of authority.

Other than Uncle You Yi, who dared to speak in such a derogatory tone in the You family?

He knew that Uncle You Yi was rebellious and insubordinate since he was young.

He refused to attend university despite ordinance and even went into the army after his high school graduation without any prior warning. The You family received this news only half a year later which nearly sent the exasperated Grandfather You into cardiac arrest.

You Xi shook his head and sighed. How could he possibly compete with Uncle You Yi when the worst he had done in his life was failing in examinations and dated during academic years? Those were merely child’s play compared to Uncle You Yi.

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