Chapter 857 - Come Up For You To Molest?

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Chapter 857: Come Up For You To Molest?

Grandmother You pressed on her chest in vexation. “Well, would you look at that bastard? He doesn’t listen to me even after all these years. What a rebellious child! No one could ever decide for him since he was young. If he could just listen to even a word of what I said, he wouldn’t be single until now.”

Mrs. You reached out and tapped Grandmother You’s back. “Mom, don’t be angry. You Yi was born with this attitude. Besides, there’s no need to invite the lady for the blind date. Your milestone birthday celebration is coming soon, right? You can invite her over when the time comes…”

The delighted Grandmother You patted Mrs. You’s hand gently. “You’re thoughtful and sensible as usual. Invite some ladies who are compatible with You Yi’s age to the banquet as well. Perhaps there’s one whom he might be interested in.”

You Xi rolled his eyes in response. Their efforts would end up in vain because Uncle You Yi fancied a thorned, blooming flower who was seductive, beautiful and exciting. How could he possibly develop any interest in other ladies in this case?

You Xi sighed in deep regret at the thought of that hussy, Yan Qingsi.

That thought soon sent a chill down You Xi’s spine which gave him an uncontrollable shudder and he quickly shook it out of his mind.

F*ck! What the hell was he thinking about? That was Uncle You Yi’s woman. Uncle You Yi’s. His. You Xi was basically asking for death when he thought about that woman.

Uncle You Yi would make You Xi suffer greatly without hesitation even if a tiny part of that indecent thought was revealed to him.

You Xi hypnotized himself repeatedly that Yan Qingsi was a troublesome mischief-maker. Anything that could banish her from his mind was worth a try.

“You Xi, what’s going on?” asked Mrs. You after noticing the rapid change in his expression and head shaking.

You Xi snapped out of his thoughts and answered, “Nothing…”

“Then why are you shaking your head?”

You Xi brushed his nose and replied, “Just a little tired. Er… Mom, I’m going upstairs now.”

Mrs. You stared at You Xi for a moment before nodding her head. “Go ahead.”

“Grandma, I’m heading upstairs now.”

Grandmother You nodded her head in response. After noticing You Xi’s clumsy movement while going upstairs, she commented, “He has become honest after suffering from the injuries.”

“Do you think he has a choice since he’s badly injured?” replied Mrs. You.

“Well, that’s a torture for him.”

Mrs. You said, “I forgot to replace his bedsheet. I’m going to do that now.”

“Alright, off you go.”

You Xi picked up a phone call right after he returned to his room.

He said, “Oh, they’ve finished the program recording? That’ll be it for now. Don’t forget to leave a slot for Yan Qingsi for the reality show that your station is in charge of.”

You Xi sat down and continued. “Yes, that’s right… Just leave a slot for now. Don’t worry about sponsorships, I won’t let you suffer losses. What’s the relationship between me and Yan Qingsi? What makes you think that it’s any of your concern? Don’t make inquiries, otherwise, trouble will get to you soon.”

“Alright, that’s all for now. Don’t call me unless it is absolutely necessary, I’m at home now.”

Someone knocked on the door as soon as You Xi ended the phone call which gave him quite a shock. He turned around quickly and noticed Mrs. You standing at the doorstep with her knuckles on her half-closed door.

You Xi’s heart started to flutter. What the f*ck! Did his mother hear everything he said just now?

You Xi asked with a smile. “Mom, what brought you here?”

Mrs. You entered the room and answered, “I’m here to replace your bed sheet.”

“Well, you can just ask the maid to do it.”

Mrs. You smiled faintly as she stared at You Xi. “Ask the maid to come up, for you to… molest?”

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