Chapter 858 - Stay Away From That Lady

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Chapter 858: Stay Away From That Lady

You Xi pouted. “Mom, am I really that kind of person in your eyes? A fox preys farthest from his hole, alright? Don’t always judge your son that way.”

Mrs. You replied sincerely and earnestly, “I won’t judge you if you work hard for success. You should really start cutting all ties with those indecent women. You aren’t young anymore. It’s time for you to focus your attention on serious matters instead of fooling around.”

You Xi rolled his eyes in response. “Mom, whatever I was doing previously are serious matters.”

“Constantly fooling around with a bunch of indecent celebrities is considered a serious matter?”

You Xi replied impatiently, “Mom, it’s an era for national entertainment now. What’s wrong with me investing in a media company for filmmaking? Do I really have to work in the same profession as you guys? I love my profession and didn’t I earn money with this job too?”

“Who were you talking to on the phone just now?”

“Just a friend.”

Mrs. You mumbled. “Yan Qingsi…”

You Xi let out a sigh. “Mom, please stop eavesdropping on my phone conversation. I wasn’t talking to her just now.”

Mrs. You turned around and took a new bed sheet before putting it on You Xi’s bed. “I know you weren’t talking to her but there are a lot of bad reviews about her. Stay away from her.”

You Xi nodded in annoyance. “Alright. Don’t worry, I rather fool around with other ladies than with her.”

Mrs. You turned around and asked curiously, “Why?”

You Xi’s face was contorted bitterly. “Because I can’t… Alright, Mom. I have a terrible headache and I want to rest now. There’ll be a lot of issues regarding grandma’s milestone birthday celebration which requires your attention, so don’t worry about me.”

Yan Qingsi was Uncle You Yi’s woman! Of course, You Xi could not fool around with that woman when she had such a powerful man behind her back.

Mrs. You let out a heavy sigh. “Rest well and take care of yourself. Don’t go out and mess around these days.”

“Mom, do you honestly think that I’m capable of that with my current condition?” You Xi really wanted to submerge himself in euphoric bliss with some ladies but his injury was the limiting factor currently. Thus, he was not eager to release his sexual tension just yet.

Mrs. You replied with a smile. “I’m glad that you realized it. I’m getting old now. Who can I count on when you’re still acting irresponsibly?”

You Xi figured that his mother was overthinking this issue. “Mom, you’re the eldest madam in the You family with full support from your maternal family. Who is stupid enough to harm you?”

Mrs. You merely smiled and asked, “By the way, did you show… the pendant to anyone?”

You Xi inquired. “Mom, who do you mean by… anyone?”

“Nothing. Just remember that the pendant is very important.”

You Xi nodded in response. “It’s embedded in my mind.”

“Accompany me to your maternal grandmother’s house on the fifteenth of August.”

“Alright, I’ve got it.”

After Mrs. You exited the bedroom, You Xi hold the pendant and remained silent for a very long time.

It could be a coincidence if one asked about the pendant but two? There must be some sort of secret hidden behind this pendant.

In what way was Yan Qingsi related to this pendant?

You Yi received a phone call from Su Zhan a few moments after leaving the house.

Su Zhan informed You Yi. “I’ve found what you requested the last time but you’ll be disappointed because I couldn’t find much useful information.”

“It was extremely difficult to obtain detailed information since it happened more than forty years ago. I only found out that Nie Qiuping was abducted and trafficked through various locations and dealers before she was adopted by a pair of elderly couples with the surname Nie. Her place of birth and the location where she was first abducted remained a mystery until now. Sorry, I couldn’t be of much assistance to you.”

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