Chapter 859 - Hinder Me At Her Peril

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Chapter 859: Hinder Me At Her Peril

Su Zhan’s words sent sorrow gnawing and wrenching You Yi’s heart. He did not expect the woman in his memory—who was quiet and gentle like an oasis of serenity—to live a rough and rugged life instead of being loved and protected by those around her. She treated the world with kindness and compassion but was repeatedly hurt in return.

An insatiable fire burned in You Yi’s chest. He deeply regretted his initial hesitancy and dilatory action in locating the love of his life.

Fiery flames of hatred and rage consumed his body in ferocious waves, screeching a demanded release in the form of violence.

Su Zhan added. “There was something fishy about Nie Qiuping’s death which was directly related to Ye Jiangong.”

You Yi was fully aware of Ye Jiangong’s connection to Nie Qiuping’s demise and he would slaughter him if it was not for the fact that Ye Jiangong had the support from an unknown powerful force. Clenching the steering wheel tightly, You Yi forced himself to calm down by controlling his respiration. “Then… how many daughters does the Xia family have?”

Su Zhan answered, “I called my family yesterday and my grandma said that the Xia family only has one daughter. By the way, why did you ask?”

“Nothing! Goodbye,” You Yi hung up on the phone directly. He needed to be reasonable and start reorganizing his own thoughts.

What sort of relation could Nie Qiuping possibly have with the Xia family if the Xia family only had a daughter?

You Yi might need to depart for Rong City to visit the Xia family for answers.

However, Grandmother You’s milestone birthday celebration was just around the corner. He frowned at the mandatory decision to postpone the trip until after the banquet was over.

Yan Qingsi enjoyed her peace and quiet in the Yue family’s estate for two days since Ye Lingzhi had not regained consciousness and there was no update from You Yi yet.

Her days remained the same as usual, and her emotions became tranquil during the mark time.

Yan Qingsi was aware of the imminent threats and dangers that awaited her, but she was not alone anymore.

Mrs. Yue came out of the kitchen with a plate of freshly baked cookies in her hands. “Qingsi, come and have a taste. These cookies are fresh out of the oven.”

Yan Qingsi smiled. “Auntie, Miss Mai will definitely ask me to lose weight with her if I eat these cookies.”

Mrs. Yue frowned. “Weight loss? You can’t even gain weight. I really want you to be chubby so come and have a taste.”

Yan Qingsi picked up a cookie and took a bite before nodding. “That’s delicious and it isn’t particularly sweet either…”

Mrs. Yue was aware of Yan Qingsi’s aversion toward sweet food and added less sugar in the recipe. Then, she asked Aunt Wu to serve black tea for them. “That’s right. Aren’t the cookies delicious? You can pair the black tea with these cookies too.”

Mrs. Yue rested her chin on her palm and stared at Yan Qingsi, who was busy gulping down the cookies. “This is exactly the life that I wanted. To be honest, I love cooking and watching others enjoy the meals that I’ve prepared. Tingfeng was always busy at work and there wasn’t anyone at home to taste my food, so what was the point of cooking at all? Now that I have you, I can finally enjoy the benefits of being a mother.”

Yan Qingsi smiled in response. “I definitely can’t leave the meals you prepared behind in the future.”

The exhilarated Mrs. Yue replied, “That’s very good! This house will be merrier when you get married to Tingfeng and have children. Oh, that’ll fuel my motivation even more.”

Yan Qingsi’s cell phone rang all of a sudden. She glanced at the caller’s number and realized that it was from Ye Shaoguang.

He must have updates on Ye Lingzhi’s condition. Thus, Yan Qingsi accepted the phone call immediately.

Ye Shaoguang said, “Ye Lingzhi regained consciousness and I’m going to the hospital now. Is there any message that you want me to convey?”

Yan Qingsi nodded and replied, “Tell her to stand by my side. Hinder me at her peril.”

“Alright, I’ll help you this time, but you need to promise me something in return.”

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