Chapter 860 - Loving Her Would Be Catastrophic

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Chapter 860: Loving Her Would Be Catastrophic

Instead of making a promise immediately, Yan Qingsi replied, “I’m not going to promise you anything because I won’t include Mianmian in this deal. She’s a human being, not a bargaining tool. I won’t stop you if you have the ability to make her fall in love with you, and I’ll help you if you fail to do so in the end. If you think that this isn’t worth your time, I won’t force you to help me too.”

Ye Shaoguang responded with a smile. “Good! After knowing that you won’t use Mianmian for a bargain, I’ll definitely help you this time. Just wait for her to fall in love with me.”

Ye Shaoguang was a man who had a strong sense of dominance. He detested anyone who dared to use his woman as a bargaining tool.

Initially, he assumed that Yan Qingsi would make a deal with him in order to obtain any information from Ye Lingzhi. She was not a kind lady after all. Her soul was corrupted and her heart was completely black. Perhaps she would assist him by persuading Ji Mianmian to develop a fondness for him in exchange for the information.

However, Yan Qingsi’s response was totally beyond his expectations. It seemed like he needed to reevaluate this young lady again.

This point alone made Ye Shaoguang feel like Yan Qingsi was worthy of his assistance.

Since he could inform Ji Mianmian later when everything was accomplished. “I helped your goddess! Quick, like me please!”

He firmly believed that this plan would work. Undoubtedly!

Moreover, his superb culinary skills would surely trap that silly woman in his Mount of Five Fingers[1]! That was beyond questions.

“Okay. Bless you, if you possess that ability, but… Mianmian is an innocent lady. I hope that innocence stays forever.”

“That’s what I’m hoping too.”

Then, Ye Shaoguang hung up.

He had always criticized Ji Mianmian’s idiocy and silliness.

However, those were exactly the qualities that attracted him the most.

Especially her pure heart and persistence.

Ye Shaoguang encountered too many intelligent individuals in his lifetime, but this was the first time he has ever met such a cute, innocent, and silly lady.

It was his greatest wish that Ji Mianmian’s innocence and purity would last forever and that she could… continue her idiocy for all future time.

After Yan Qingsi hung up on the phone call, Mrs. Yue asked, “That kid from the Ye family has a crush on Mianmian?”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Yes. He even persuaded Mianmian to live together with him.”

Yan Qingsi could not help but pity Little Xu, who waited for Ji Mianmian silently for all these years, but in the end, she was… abducted by a wolf.

Ye Shaoguang was far superior to Little Xu in terms of combat effectiveness.

Moreover, self-abasement was Little Xu’s weakness and all odds were against him if Ji Mianmian did not develop a fondness for him first.

He would have gained the upper hand if he launched his attack sooner.

Mrs. Yue stroked her chin and said, “That must be irritating.”

Yan Qingsi smiled after recalling the image of Ye Shaoguang cooking and mopping the floor. “Yes, it is.”

Mrs. Yue sighed. “Little Xu is going to experience a heartbreak soon. What a pity… To be honest, I think Little Xu is more compatible with Mianmian because he’s honest and innocent. That brat from the Ye family is too cunning.”

“You knew Little Xu had a crush on Mianmian as well?”

Mrs. Yue lifted her chin proudly and said, “Of course, I went through the same process too. The gaze Little Xu gave Mianmian was so full of love and only that insensible lady was unaware of his true feelings. Whoever has a crush on that sort of lady will definitely suffer a lot in life.”

Yan Qingsi nodded in agreement.

Mrs. Yue peeked at Yan Qingsi furtively and added silently in her mind. “It must be irritating to develop a crush on a lady like you too.”

Fortunately, Mrs. Yue’s son was shameless enough to go to any length just to get Yan Qingsi’s admiration, or else his heart would shatter to shreds.

Anyone who received a woman like Yan Qingsi’s fondness would feel extremely lucky.

Otherwise, it would be catastrophic.

He may never live through the agony and heartache in his entire life!

Exactly like what Helan Fangnian experienced!

[1] 五指山 (Wu Zhi Shan) or The Mount of Five Fingers was the place where Buddha imprison the Monkey King for his defiance and rebellious acts in Heaven. The tenacious monkey survives the enormous weight and pressure, and is rescued by Tang Monk five hundred years later.

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