Chapter 861 - Ye Shaoguang Is A Homicide Suspect?

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Chapter 861: Ye Shaoguang Is A Homicide Suspect?

Ye Shaoguang rushed to the hospital and headed upstairs directly since he knew Ye Lingzhi’s room number.

Coincidentally, Ye Shaoguang met the physician in charge of Ye Weiguang’s treatment last time on the third floor, so he greeted, “Doctor Li.”

Doctor Li asked, “Someone in your family is hospitalized again?”

Ye Shaoguang nodded. “Yes, my cousin sister was involved in an accident. I came to visit after knowing that she has regained consciousness.”

“Your cousin brother was hospitalized last time and now it’s your cousin sister’s turn? That’s very troublesome for your family members.”

Ye Shaoguang smiled faintly. “Indeed. I’m going up now, so I’ll leave you to it.”

Doctor Li nodded in response.

Ye Lingzhi was transferred from the intensive care unit to an ordinary VIP room located on the fifth floor after her condition stabilized.

The corridors were quiet since there were only VIP rooms on this floor with fewer people hanging around the hallways.

After arriving at room number five-zero-seven, Ye Shaoguang pushed the half-closed door and entered the room.

The room Ye Lingzhi lived in was basically a small suite with a parlor on the outside and a bedroom on the inside.

There was an eerie silence in the room. Ye Shaoguang sniffed and detected a strong disinfectant scent mixed with a faint smell of… blood.


A bad hunch gnawed at Ye Shaoguang and he rushed into the bedroom immediately.

There Ye Lingzhi was… lying on the bed with her eyes closed and a scalpel right in the middle of her chest. Blood gushed out of the wound and stained the thoracic region on her hospital gown. The electrocardiogram showed a flatline which was indicative of asystole. Ye Lingzhi was dead.

Ye Shaoguang checked for a pulse on Ye Lingzhi’s neck. The corpse felt warm, which meant that she was murdered not long ago.

There were deep furrows in his eyebrows. The murderer must be extremely savage to commit a homicide in the hospital in broad daylight.

The culprit… The mastermind who planned all these schemes behind the scene piqued Ye Shaoguang’s curiosity. Yan Songnan and Ye Lingzhi were dead, which presumably were attributed to the same mastermind whose intention was to conceal the truth behind Yan Qingsi’s biological mother’s death.

Ye Shaoguang’s expression was cold and flat. His rare decision to be helpful ended up in vain before his plan even started. The murderer was basically forcing him to be competent to investigate the truth for Yan Qingsi’s sake.

Ye Shaoguang took out his cell phone immediately and called the police before sending a message to Yan Qingsi on WeChat. “Ye Lingzhi is dead!”

Then, he deleted all chat messages instantly.

The police officers arrived at the crime scene fairly quickly since they were dealing with a homicide case. They cordoned off the crime scene for reconnaissance, went through the security footage, and started questioning all medical personnel and patients on this floor.

Ye Shaoguang was disallowed to leave even after being questioned by the police officers since he was the first witness of Ye Lingzhi’s death.

However, he received a surprise after waiting for more than an hour.

“What? I’m a… suspect?” Ye Shaoguang laughed after listening to the police officers. Damn, someone dug a pit for him.

One of the police officers said, “You were the first to discover the victim, who was murdered at around the time of your arrival. According to the security footage, you were the only one who visited the victim during this period of time, so you’re the murder suspect. We’ll have to bring you to the station. You’ve no choice but to stay in the detention center before the case is solved.”

Ye Shaoguang sneered in response. He finally understood why there was no chaperon when he entered the room. What a careless mistake!

Someone was targeting him for quite some time and was waiting for him to jump into the trap.

There was only one person who knew that Ye Shaoguang would visit Ye Lingzhi and could calculate his precise time of arrival at the hospital.

Ferocity and savagery flashed past Ye Shaoguang’s eyes.

Ye Jiangong, you old bastard! You dared to frame me?

You just wait.

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