Chapter 862 - Prepare to Feel My Wrath For Double-Crossing Me

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Chapter 862: Prepare to Feel My Wrath For Double-Crossing Me

Ye Jiangong was the one who informed Ye Shaoguang that Ye Lingzhi had regained consciousness. He was also the one advising Ye Shaoguang to leave Luo City.

Perhaps Ye Jiangong wanted to get rid of Ye Shaoguang at that time after suspecting that he might have formed an alliance with Yan Qingsi.

None of these would have happened if Ye Shaoguang listened to Ye Jiangong’s advice initially.

Well, insubordination was his code. Ye Shaoguang would never become anyone’s obedient dog.

Perhaps this was Ye Jiangong’s last attempt of mercy toward his dear nephew.

However, Ye Jiangong was cruel enough to frame his own nephew on behalf of the mastermind behind the scene. He tried to pin a homicide crime on Ye Shaoguang which could potentially end his life!

Ye Shaoguang had taken the fall numerous times in his lifetime, but this time… Ha ha…

He was basically forced to stand by Yan Qingsi’s side. He almost felt sorry for the Ye family if he did not do as they wished.

Ye Shaoguang nodded. ‘Alright then, prepare to feel my wrath for double-crossing me!’

How naive of them to assume that they could get rid of him with such a puny act.

Ye Shaoguang agreed without any protest. “Alright, let’s go. I believe… the police officers will find out the truth and bring the real murderer to justice.”

Ye Shaoguang’s cooperation gave the police officer a surprise. “Well, I won’t handcuff you since you’re so cooperative, but aren’t you afraid? All the evidence is pointing toward you and we’ll arrest you for homicide if we can’t ascertain the truth.”

Ye Shaoguang smiled in response. “I believe my luck hasn’t run out yet and the police force in the country isn’t that useless.”

The police officer nodded. “I hope you were framed. Let’s go.”

Ye Lingzhi’s cadaver was transferred for an autopsy. Ye Shaoguang glanced at the empty bed with a blood-stained blanket on it one last time before leaving the room.

Ye Lingzhi was really dead this time!

Ye Shaoguang let out a heavy sigh at the vulnerability of human life.

No matter how dignified or detestable she once was, none of it really mattered when she was already dead.

The police officers cordoned off the crime scene and brought Ye Shaoguang to the police station.

They recorded a statement from Ye Shaoguang again upon arrival at the police station before informing the Ye family about the situation.

When the light of day was draining away and giving way for the velvety dark of night, Ye Jiangong and Ye Xuguang came to visit Ye Shaoguang.

Ye Jiangong reprimanded Ye Shaoguang at first glance. “You bastard! How could you do such a horrible thing? What sort of enmity compelled you to murder your own cousin sister?”

Ye Shaoguang replied calmly, “Uncle, the police officers haven’t reached a verdict on this case yet, so why are you so quick to judge? Perhaps… you’re hoping that I really killed my cousin sister?”

Ye Xuguang apologized quickly. “Shaoguang, that’s not what my Dad meant. He’s just worried, that’s all.”

Ye Jiangong realized that his eagerness may sound suspicious and said, “Of course I hope that you didn’t kill Ye Lingzhi. We are a family after all. I only wish for a peaceful life for everyone, especially you, Shaoguang. I’ve high hopes for you among the young generations of the Ye family. I even planned on letting you bear the responsibilities of this family in the near future, but now you are a murder suspect. Tell me honestly, did you kill Ye Lingzhi?”

Ye Shaoguang stared into Ye Jiangong’s eyes and replied, “Uncle, do you think that I’ll leave evidence around in the crime scene if I commit a murder?”

Was Ye Shaoguang stupid enough to get arrested if he killed Ye Lingzhi?

Even if he wanted to pin the crime on others, his method would be flawless instead of executing such a slobby plan.

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