Chapter 863 - Just Sit Back And Watch As I Wreak Havoc On The Culprit

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Chapter 863: Just Sit Back And Watch As I Wreak Havoc On The Culprit

Ye Shaoguang would never allow a single loophole for his target to escape the trap unharmed.

However, this set-up for Ye Lingzhi’s murder was atrocious and without any finesse.

Something flashed past Ye Jiangong’s eyes as he put on a trusting and encouraging expression. “Thank God it wasn’t you. Don’t worry, the Ye family won’t stand by and watch as you take the fall in any case. I’ll find the best lawyer for you to win the lawsuit.”

Ye Shaoguang rejected with his gaze full of sarcasm. “Uncle, thank you for your kindness, but I’ll find a lawyer myself.”

The lawyer Ye Jiangong recommended would seal his fate for good.

Was Ye Shaoguang really that stupid?

Ye Shaoguang was the smartest intrigant in the Ye family, and yet Ye Jiangong dared to act pretentious in front of him.

Ye Jiangong sighed. “You… Alright, I won’t insist anymore, but don’t forget that you’re a member of the Ye family too. Find me if you encounter any issue. We are your family.”

Ye Shaoguang smiled in response. “Thank you, uncle. I’ll remember that. This memory will be seared into my brain forever.”

The memory where his own family members dug a pit and attempted to bury him alive.

What kind of family was this? Other families protected their own members, but the Ye family planned schemes and tricks to deceive each other.

Ye Jiangong added after a moment of hesitation. “Leave this country if you can come out of this case unharmed. The same goes to every youngster in the family because these are troubled times for the Ye family.”

Ye Shaoguang flicked the handcuff on his wrists with his finger and replied, “Leave the country? No can do.”

Ye Jiangong slammed his palms onto the table. “You must! I’ve made my decision.”

Ye Shaoguang said calmly, “How can I leave the country when I haven’t even sought revenge?”


Ye Shaoguang grinned. “Uncle, I won’t submit to humiliation. Someone tried to pin this crime on me and made me a murder suspect. It’ll be a disgrace to my reputation if I swallow this insult without seeking revenge.”

The corners of Ye Jiangong’s lips quivered uncontrollably in exasperation. “Revenge? Do you want this to become a big issue? You must listen to my instructions in this matter.”

Ye Shaoguang sneered. “What happens if I don’t?”

“Uncle, say no more. I won’t give up my revenge on this matter. You know me. I’ve been very vindictive since my childhood… It’s my norm to retaliate against anyone who dares to harm me. It’s either that bastard pins this crime on me successfully, or… he won’t get to see the sunrise when I’m out of here.”

The reddened lips on a chalky-white complexion made Ye Shaoguang appear like a monstrosity while he was fixing his gaze on Ye Jiangong during the response.

Ye Jiangong’s breathing pattern became unstable at that instant. “You… Do you want me to die in vexation?”

Ye Shaoguang replied with opened palms. “Uncle, it’s best if you don’t wear the shoe even if it fits. I’m not trying to make you angry, but it’s fairly obvious that someone wanted me dead. I don’t see any reason to act like a gentleman and let things slide when that person treated me indecently. Besides, I’m not a gentleman either.”

Ye Xuguang advised. “Shaoguang, Dad and I will try our best to get you out of here. Don’t show off your abilities after that and leave this country for a while before you return home.”

Ye Jiangong sighed and added earnestly. “Shaoguang, please listen to me. I’m your uncle. I won’t hurt you.”

Ye Shaoguang stood up and replied, “Uncle, the person who can get rid of me hasn’t been born in this world yet. Just sit back and watch as I wreak havoc in this culprit’s life.”

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