Chapter 865 - I Have A Prodigal Mother And Girlfriend

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Chapter 865: I Have A Prodigal Mother And Girlfriend

Yue Tingfeng smiled. “I’m not coming back for dinner, so you guys go ahead.”

Yue Tingfeng was long gone before he even finished his sentence since Ye Jiangong would never harm his own nephew unless absolutely necessary.

Ye Jiangong’s behavior made Yue Tingfeng realized that they must be very close to the truth. Otherwise, they would never resort to such extreme plans unless their brains were fried.

The day was swallowed by the night when Yue Tingfeng arrived at the police station. The first sentence he said upon meeting Ye Shaoguang was a tease, “Why do I feel… good that you’re here now?”

The energetic Ye Shaoguang nodded in response. “I feel good too, but you were late.”

Yue Tingfeng touched his chin and replied, “On the contrary, I think my arrival was too early. I should visit you, three or four days later. Let’s see if you’re still energetic by then.”

Ye Shaoguang pouted and snorted in contempt. “Find a lawyer for me if you’re so free.”

Yue Tingfeng nodded. “Sure, no problem, but…”

Ye Shaoguang interrupted before Yue Tingfeng could finish his sentence. “I need to help you in exchange. You can plan your attacks fairly easily with me as a… double agent in the Ye family. At least I’m a… better candidate than that idiotic Ye Lingzhi, right?”

Yue Tingfeng grinned because that was exactly what he wanted to hear. “Why do I feel that Ye Lingzhi’s death actually benefits us more?”

Ye Shaoguang shook his head regretfully. “You think so too? They must be very stupid to force me to stand by your side.”

Yan Qingsi avenged her mother with Ye Lingzhi’s death and Ye Shaoguang had agreed to lend them a helping hand. This was indeed a very good trade.

Yue Tingfeng nodded in response. “That’s very stupid indeed. Don’t you worry, I’ll find the best lawyer in the country for you.”

Ye Shaoguang gave Yue Tingfeng a peculiar grin. “I’ll appoint the lawyer myself. You’ll hire…”

“Sure. Who do you want?”

Ye Shaoguang continued. “I want Helan Fangnian.”

Yue Tingfeng’s initial relaxed expression turned cold and flat instantly. “What do you mean? Are you looking for trouble?”

Ye Shaoguang spread his arm and replied innocently, “Well, I’m not going against you but I once observed Helan Fangnian’s debate in a foreign country’s court. It was very interesting. I think he is the only one who can solve this case and seek justice for me.”

Yue Tingfeng remained silent and stared at Ye Shaoguang coldly before asking, “Are you sure?”

Ye Shaoguang grinned in response. “Help me hire him if possible. You should be able to do that since you guys are friends, right? Now that I’ve sworn my allegiance to you, you need to… express your sincerity in return.”

Yue Tingfeng rolled his eyes. That bastard was a murder suspect, and yet he did not take this issue seriously.

“Fine, I’ll ask Helan Fangnian to be your lawyer, but I need to warn you that his lawyer fee is very expensive. You’ll have to pay him yourself.”

The corners of Ye Shaoguang’s lips quivered uncontrollably. “What the f*ck! Can you not be so stingy? You’re a CEO!”

Yue Tingfeng answered earnestly. “What about the CEO? I have a family to feed too, you know? I have a mother and a… prodigal girlfriend in my family. Do you think everyone lives alone just like you without anyone to feed?”

Ye Shaoguang hissed through gritted teeth. “I… Do you think that you’re the only one who has a family to feed? I have someone else to take care of too. I’m starting to regret my decision to cooperate with you now.”

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