Chapter 867 - You Are The Only Woman I Have

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Chapter 867: You Are The Only Woman I Have

“Tell me where are you going first. Are you going to do something bad?”

“Of course not. I wouldn’t have told you otherwise. I’m meeting up with someone to have a talk.”

“A guy?”

“Of course it’s a guy. If I were meeting up with a woman, it would only be you.”

“You’re such a sweet talker. Auntie was right. You really know how to make someone burst with joy when you cajole them. I won’t ask who you’re meeting with anymore. Remember to come back earlier.”

“All right, my princess.”

On the other side, Helan Fangnian clutched onto his handphone, his forehead creased into a tight frown. Why did Yue Tingfeng suddenly want to see him?

The chain of events that happened ever since he came back to this country made him and Yue Tingfeng drift apart, turning from the best of friends to total strangers. Now… Perhaps there was no way for them to be regular friends anymore. At this moment, his mother was being investigated because of Yue Tingfeng. The Helan family was a total mess, and he had no energy to mind other families.

A sudden crash jerked Helan Fangnian’s mind back to the present. He lifted his head. His father’s favorite enamel vase from Kangxi’s era of the Qing Dynasty was shattered all over the floor.

Li Jingyi shielded Little Xuan behind her; Helan Xiuse stood in front of the two. The three did not utter a single word. They simply looked at the broken vase on the floor with a shocked expression on.

Helan Fangnian’s features turned stony. “What is it about this time?”

Helan Xiuse had returned to the house, but now Li Jingyi and her son were here as well. There was never a moment of peace the entire day. His father just kept quiet about the issue and left the house to avoid facing them.

Helan Xiuse pointed at Little Xuan. “It’s his fault, Brother,” she declared, “He knocked over Father’s vase.”

Helan Fangnian looked at her, remaining silent. When it really came down to it, Helan Xiuse was skillful.

Before, she had tried to get Helan Fangnian to help her. She had wanted the paternity test to prove that she was a blood relative. Helan Fangnian had refused.

He did not know what hat trick Helan Xiuse pulled off, or if she really was Helan Mingde’s daughter, but in the end, the result of the paternity test… proved that she was blood-related.

That was why Helan Xiuse had been able to return to the Helan family once more. However, Helan Mingde could not treat her the same way he had treated her before now.

Little Xuan tugged on Li Jingyi’s arm. “It wasn’t me, Mom…” he mumbled, “It wasn’t me…”

“Little Xuan, be a good boy…” Li Jingyi said, lowering her head.

She looked at Helan Xiuse. “Xiuxiu, Little Xuan is only a child. How could you accuse him of such a thing? It was you who knocked the vase over. Our Little Xuan is a little precocious, but he…”

“There are cameras in the living room,” Helan Fangnian said, his tone dripping with revulsion.

No one would openly embrace a mistress. Furthermore, this woman had evil intentions with her arrival. The family was already in such a pandemonium.

Helan Xiuse lifted her chin. “Check the cameras now,” she said happily, “Whoever who broke this vase must get out of the Helan family today…”

Li Jingyi’s expression shifted immediately. “Xiuxiu, Little Xuan is a child. Why must you be so calculative with a child… If you weren’t snapping at Little Xuan just now, he wouldn’t have knocked into the vase because he was trying to hide from you. I apologize to you in his place. I just hope that you won’t be so calculative with him. I’m sorry.”

“Of course I won’t be calculative with such a tiny shrimp,” Helan Xiuse said haughtily.

Li Jingyi gave a small smile. “Xiuxiu, what you said… It’s not very nice, is it? Our Little Xuan is Mingde’s blood and flesh no matter what, and at least his mother is someone who watches herself,” she said. “At least she wouldn’t… cheat on her husband and cause him embarrassment. When people ask about his mother when he grows up, he can proudly say that his father and mother love each other very much.”

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