Chapter 868 - His Mother Is A Mistress

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Chapter 868: His Mother Is A Mistress

“Others will only say that his mother is a mistress,” Helan Xiuse said sardonically, “She’s a b*tch…”

Helan Xiuse suddenly flashed an innocent smile. “And… she’s a sl*t who traded her body for his wealth…”

“I won’t let you talk like that about my mom…”

Little Xuan suddenly barreled straight toward Helan Xiuse. He was a ten-year-old child who was overweight. In a flash, he knocked Helan Xiuse over with his strength.

She thumped onto the ground, her hand pressed on a shattered piece of the vase. It pierced through her skin, and her palm began to bleed.

“Aunty Jingyi, Little Xuan is a child, and he can’t differentiate between good and bad,” Helan Xiuse said, vexed, “Why can’t you educate him properly? He’s your son, not a weapon you can wield. If you go on like this, even a good kid will be spoiled by you.”

“What are you all doing? Little Xuan, apologize to Xiuxiu. Who taught you this? That you could be so disrespectful to your older sister?” Helan Mingde’s voice abruptly rang out from behind.

Li Jingyi and Little Xuan were stunned. She panicked and wanted to explain everything quickly.

However, Helan Xiuse spoke before she did. “It’s… It’s nothing, Dad… Little Xuan is just a child. He’s only ten. Don’t blame him. He didn’t do it on purpose anyway… Auntie Jingyi, it’s just that a ten-year-old is not that old, but not that young either. When my brother was ten, he managed to skip straight into junior high and represent the entire city in a Math Olympiad competition—and he won first place in the entire country. Don’t spoil Little Xuan too much…”

Helan Mingde had been troubled already. His business was not doing well, and his family was crumbling. He had wanted to bring Li Jingyi and her son in to get back at Zhang Suya.

Now though, he felt as if he had not gotten back at Zhang Suya. Instead, he had more troubles to contend with.

He felt even more irritated when he saw his brilliant eldest son and comparing him to that pig head who could not even memorize the multiplication timetable.

Li Jingyi clenched her teeth, glaring at Helan Xiuse wrathfully. “Mingde, Little Xuan is only ten. I’ll… teach him properly.”

“Ten years-old, and what is he now?” Helan Mingde said angrily, “Compared to Fangnian, he’s practically an idiot—he’s almost as stupid as a pig.”

The corners of Li Jingyi’s mouth twitched. What father would compare their own son to a pig? She had thought that she could use Little Xuan to win Helan Mingde over, but she never expected…

“Dad…” Helan Xiuse interjected softly, “Not everyone is like Brother.”

Helan Fangnian could not stay on listening to that voice behind him. He wheeled around and left the house. He really could not stay in this house any longer.”

“That’s right. Not everyone is like Fangnian,” Li Jingyi agreed. “Little Xuan will definitely learn from his brother from now on…”

Helan Xiuse stood up with great effort. “He can’t be like Brother no matter how hard he tries. It’s already good enough if he doesn’t become a playboy when he grows up. Take a seat, Dad. I’ll brew some tea for you…”

“Your hand is injured,” Helan Mingde noticed. “Get a servant to brew the tea.”

“It’s all right. It’s just a small injury. It doesn’t hurt.”

Li Jingyi emitted a burst of mirthless laughter as she watched Helan Xiuse take Helan Mingde and left. “You little b*tch. You really think that you could deceive everyone just because you managed to secretly swap the paternity report. Hmph… I’ll let this insolence go on for another two days…”

Helan Fangnian drove on the road for God knows how long. In the end, he went to the Jade Yard.

He had not been there for a long time. His feelings were starkly different from how they were before, being here one more time.

At first, he was brimming with hope when he came back. He had told his best friend about that beautiful love that he harbored in his heart, and he hoped that he could share that love with his best friend.

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