Chapter 869 - He Missed The Only Love That Could Ever Fulfill His Heart

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Chapter 869: He Missed The Only Love That Could Ever Fulfill His Heart

He had thought that he could rediscover his blooming feelings from the past when he found his ‘Monica’.

However… He missed the opportunity to have the only person who could ever fulfill his heart!

Helan Fangnian had already given up on Yan Qingsi in his heart.

It was not just because she did not love him, but because of various reasons surrounding them that made him realize that he was not a good match for her, and he could never provide her with happiness in life.

It would not benefit Yan Qingsi if he kept clinging on. Rather, it would just make the situation with her even more awkward.

Helan Fangnian paced outside the door for a while before finally pushing the door to enter.

In the end, he saw that there was only Yue Tingfeng in the private room, a bottle of whiskey and a few cans of beer on the table. Yue Tingfeng only had a bottle of mineral water before him. He was leaning against his chair, looking as though he was sleeping.

Yue Tingfeng immediately opened his eyes when he heard a noise, and he saw Helan Fangnian standing in front of him.

“Why so late? You know what? No need to explain anything. Just take three glasses as punishment…” Yue Tingfeng immediately poured out three glasses of whiskey for him.

Helan Fangnian sat down. “Why aren’t you drinking?” he asked.

“Of course I’m not drinking. I drove here,” Yue Tingfeng replied, “If I dared to drink and go back home, she would let me in the house just to boot me back out.”

Helan Fangnian’s expression hardened.

He looked at Yue Tingfeng. He spoke so naturally. He was not showing off, he was not flaunting. He was just speaking about his daily life.

Yue Tingfeng was talking about the living dynamics between him and Yan Qingsi. He was enjoying it, and he was happy.

However, just listening to it… made his heart clench.

Helan Fangnian did not answer. He silently raised the glass to his lips and downed the three glasses of whiskey.

He placed the glass on the table. “What is it?” he asked, “Just spill it.”

Yue Tingfeng definitely sought him out because of something; he would not have come to him without a reason.

“I need your help with a case,” Yue Tingfeng said, straight to the point.

He briefly ran through the situation with Ye Shaoguang.

“Do you really think that I’m in any position to be taking cases now?” Helan Fangnian laughed. “What ideas can I possibly come up with?”

“Don’t be so hasty to reject the case. I’m well aware of your circumstances,” Yue Tingfeng said, “In fact, you could say that I created your current circumstances. But one must always stand back up. You’ve been stuck in the mud for too long. It’s time you got out. The Helan family is the Helan family, and you are you. You are a part of that family, but you are not the entire family.

“I’ll get someone to send the details about the case to your office. Think about it properly before giving me an answer.”

The two who were once friends had nothing much to talk about now. Yue Tingfeng drank some water after he finished talking, then got ready to leave. “There will always be a room for you here…” he said just before he left.

Helan Fangnian did not reply. He just poured another glass of alcohol for himself.

He did not know how much he drank. He just knew that he only got up when the alcohol on the table ran out, walking unsteadily toward the door.

Helan Fangnian did not know whether he was drunk or conscious. It was as though he was caught between a dream and reality.

Helan Fangnian accidentally ran into someone in the corridor.

The other person did not fall. Instead, he fell, because he had too much to drink.

“Hello? Are you okay?” a voice rang out from above him.

Helan Fangnian raised his head. He looked at the face that was barely a foot above him. It looked so familiar, as though it was a face deeply engraved in his memory.

He extended a hand and stroked that face. “Monica…” he mumbled.

“How did you know that my English name is Monica? Mmph…”

Helan Fangnian pulled her into an embrace and kissed her in a daze.

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