Chapter 871 - A Night of Indulgence, A Night of Absurdity

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Chapter 871: A Night of Indulgence, A Night of Absurdity

“It was a lucky guess.”

She waved her hand. “Goodbye! I think… We’ll probably see each other again.”

Helan Fangnian was the only one left in the room. He loosened a breath. He could not tell if he was lucky. This night had been absurd!

Helan Fangnian took on Ye Shaoguang’s case after two days.

Perhaps it was because he had indulged himself during that absurd night, releasing the troubles that he had long suppressed in his heart. Or perhaps it was because… he actually took Yue Tingfeng’s words into heart.

He was a part of the Helan family, but he did not represent the entire Helan family.

He should have his own life now. Before, he had been concerned about Helan Xiuse—that was his darling younger sister, after all. He had thought that she was pure and innocent and would easily be bullied, so he wanted to protect her. Now though, it looked as if… she did not need his protection at all!

Thus, Helan Fangnian decided to forget about the drama plaguing his family and put all of his body and mind onto the case.

While Ye Shaoguang was being jailed, Ji Mianmian was brought to the Yue family estate.

She simply thought that Ye Shaoguang went overseas for business now. She had no idea that he was locked up in jail. .

Yan Qingsi occasionally joined some variety shows, and her work was relatively easy.

A few days later, the variety show that Yan Qingsi had filmed for last week was finally about to air on Friday night.

The most excited person in the house was Mrs. Yue. She called anyone and everyone before the sky even turned dark and started exhorting them.

“Little Five, you’re such a good boy. You must remember to watch it, okay? Good boy. You’re the best boy out there. I’ll make something delicious for you to eat when I go back on August fifteenth, all right?”

Mrs. Yue hung up. “Out of these little brats,” she said, “Our Little Five is probably the most obedient of them all.”

She prepared all sorts of snacks and waited for Yan Qingsi to come down.

In the Su family estate, Little Five turned all the television in the house on, selecting the same channel.

“Little Five, what are you doing?” Grandma Su asked, “Why did you turn so many TVs on? Isn’t one enough? And they’re all on the same channel.”

Little Five shook his head. “Don’t turn it off. Just watch!”

Grandpa Su waved his hand. “Whatever he says. Just let him watch.”

Then the program started. The host was loud and raucous in his introduction, and Grandma Su thought it too noisy and went back to her bedroom to sleep.

Ten minutes had not passed when her grandson knocked on the door and barged into the room. “Grandma… your photo!” he said, tugging on her.

Grandma Su smiled. “What on earth do you want my photo for, child?”

“Photo,” Little Five insisted stubbornly.

“All right, all right. I’ll get it for you.” Grandma Su doted on every single one of her grandchildren. She pulled her photo album out. “Take a look. Which one do you want to see?”

Little Five straightaway picked out the oldest photo, flipping to the back of the album.

Then he pulled on Grandma Su and walked outside. “Come on. What are you doing, child? Granny wants to sleep.”

Out of curiosity, Grandpa Su also followed them. He had never seen Little Five behave this way before.

The television outside was extremely noisy. Grandma Su did not notice as her grandson pushed her to sit down on the couch.

Little Five pointed at the person on the television, then he pointed at the photo. “Grandma, look at her. It’s the same person.”

Grandma Su thought that her grandson was creating mischief. “How’s that possible? This…”

She gave an offhanded glance at the television, and the camera just happened to focus on Yan Qingsi. Her face clearly filled the entire screen. Grandma Su’s expression suddenly morphed into shock. That face had an incredible resemblance to the person in the yellowing photo. She was so stunned that she could not utter a single word. She pointed at the television. “This–this.. I…”

Grandma Su was so panicked that she flustered. “Dear, dear, take a look…” she cried. “Am I going blind? Come and see. Quick…”

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