Chapter 873 - Her Darling Daughter-in-Law 

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Chapter 873: Her Darling Daughter-in-Law

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“I don’t think they’re related. Her surname is Yan… Besides, it’s not like there’s a zero percent chance of not having a doppelganger… What if we’re mistaken? It’s not too good if we ask so hastily.”

 Grandma Su nodded her head. “She hasn’t been able to move so well ever since they moved into Rong city. I haven’t contacted her in a very long time. Not sure how is she doing now.”

 “But if there’s no relation between them,” Grandma Su sighed. “How could they… look so similar?”

 “Perhaps they just look similar. This girl is so young,” Grandpa Su replied, “If we go by age, Peiwan is probably her grandmother. But the Xia family… You know it too. They only had one daughter, and she’s long gone… What are the odds?”

 “You’re right. It almost gave me a heart attack seeing that girl this late at night. My heart is still pounding right now…” Grandma Su clutched at her chest.

 “Go to sleep. We are probably overthinking about this matter.”

 Grandma Su shook her head. “Ah… If that daughter of hers was still alive, she would probably be around our Meimei’s age now… I even said that I would let their daughter marry into our family that time.”

 Grandpa Su too, could not help but feel a pang of regret when he thought about the past. “It happened a long time ago. Don’t talk about it anymore. We’ll just grieve as we talk about it more…”

 “I think of Peiwan when I see that girl. They really look so alike. It makes me uncomfortable when you say that they’re not related. This won’t do. I’ll call her up tomorrow.”

 “Don’t spew nonsense. She got sick and never fully recovered because of what happened then,” Grandpa Su warned. “Now we don’t know how she’s holding up. Don’t just barge in without a proper understanding…”

 “Do you think I’m stupid? Of course, I won’t talk about it straight away! I’ll just ask her about how she’s doing.”

 Grandma Su noticed her grandson by her side and patted his head. “Rest, Little Five.”

 Little Five nodded his head. “Okay!”

 “Good boy. Go to sleep.”

 Grandpa Su took his companion by the arm, and the two went back to their room.

 After they lay down, they turned the lights off. Time trickled by slowly until the wee hours of the night has passed, yet the two still tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. An image of Yan Qingsi’s face burned bright in their minds.

 Click! The bedside lamp was switched on.

 Grandma Su sat upright and pushed at her companion. “I can’t sleep.”

 “And you assumed that I could?” Grandpa Su replied, his eyes shut tight.

 “I get more and more uncomfortable the more I think about it,” Grandma Su said, frowning, “It seems a little preposterous. No can do… I’ll call Meimei…”

 “It’s 12 a.m.,” Grandpa Su said, “Meimei is probably asleep.”

 “She won’t be sleeping. Her darling daughter-in-law… She’ll probably stay up the whole night…” Grandma Su took the phone by the bed and called her daughter’s number.

 The call went through not long after.

 Mrs. Yue was not asleep after all. She was dragging everyone in the house to have a hotpot supper.

 “Hello? Mom? Why aren’t you asleep so late at night?” Mrs. Yue answered immediately, “Why do you still love to stay up so late even though you’re getting old? Staying up one night will cut one day out of your lifespan, do you know that?”

 Grandma Su’s chest felt tight. This girl was really her daughter. Who else would dare to speak to her this way?

 “You always talk nonsense all day. I’ve something to ask you.”

 “Sure. Fire away…” When she said that, she quickly ladled some leafy greens from the hotpot and into Yan Qingsi’s bowl. “Qingsi, hurry up and eat. If you don’t eat, Mianmian will ladle everything away in a flash.”

 “What are you doing so late at night?” Grandma Su asked.

 “Eating hotpot… Mom, what do you want to ask?”

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