Chapter 874 - I Don't Expect That You'd Like Her, But Don't Penalise Her

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Chapter 874: I Don’t Expect That You’d Like Her, But Don’t Penalise Her

“You–you… That Yan Qingsi, she–she… House…” Grandma Su wanted to ask about Yan Qingsi’s circumstances, but she did not know how to ask the moment she opened her mouth. After all, she had been vehemently against Yue Tingfeng and Yan Qingsi being in a relationship, to the point where she had a huge row with her daughter.

Mrs. Yue was taken aback. She slapped her chopsticks down and let the younger people ate first while she retreated to the kitchen. “Mom, why are you suddenly asking about our Qingsi?” she asked.

Mrs. Yue knew that her mother did not like Yan Qingsi. She was worried that Yan Qingsi would overhear, so she avoided her within earshot.

“Who else is part of her family?” Grandma Su asked.

“Tingfeng and I are her only family,” Mrs. Yue answered, “Why?”

“I’m not asking you. I’m just trying to say, who is her mother?” Grandma Su said, “Who are her grandparents? Do you know them?”

Mrs. Yue frowned, assuming that Grandma Su wanted to talk about her heritage again. “Of course I know,” she said, “Her mother and her grandparents are all dead. They passed away a long time ago. Her mother died when she was eight, and her grandparents were long gone before she was even born.

“Mom… why are you asking me all this? Our Qingsi is actually a simple young woman. You can’t believe the rumors everyone else says; all those are nonsense. I know you want to say that she’s too scheming for her own good, but if she didn’t, she wouldn’t have been able to survive until now. Her mother had been driven to death by her own father and her adoptive mother in the beginning. She’s lived a hard life. I don’t hope for you to like her, but please don’t be biased against her. Anyway, she’ll be staying with me and Tingfeng in the future. She won’t be staying with the Su family.”

Grandma Su released a tired sigh. This daughter of hers truly saw Yan Qingsi as someone more darling than a daughter. She had not spoken a word, and yet she had spewed such a long speech.

“I didn’t mean any of that. I saw her on TV and I thought that she looked very similar to an old friend of mine when she was younger. Do you remember me talking to you about Auntie Peiwan? She even hugged you when you were younger.”

Mrs. Yue chewed on her chopsticks. “That’s so long ago. I can’t remember her face, but I do remember the Xia family,” she said, “The Xias are so powerful now. No… Mom, so you’re trying to say that my Qingsi looks very similar to Auntie Peiwan when she was younger?”

“That’s right. They’re practically mirror images.”

“If they really look that similar, then could they be related?” Mrs. Yue suddenly exclaimed, “Oh dear, if Qingsi is really related to the Xias, then my idiot son can never match up to her. What to do?”

Grandma Su felt an abrupt headache coming on. How could her daughter’s point of focus be so strange?”

“I’m not sure either. That’s why I’m asking you about Yan Qingsi’s mother. Do you know her name?”

Mrs. Yue nodded. “I do. Her name was Nie Qiuping…” she said with a pang of regret, “I even visited her grave with Tingfeng. I saw the photo on the gravestone and she looked exactly like Qingsi. You could tell that she had been the sort of woman who was as graceful as a swan from a glance. I feel like if she was still around, she would be even better looking than Qingsi. It’s such a pity that a beauty met with such a tragic end. She died young.

“Ugh, Mom… So this means that Auntie Peiwan, my son’s mother-in-law and Qingsi all look very similar? Isn’t this coincidence a little too extreme? Such a plot doesn’t even exist in dramas. I’m your birth daughter. Why don’t I resemble you that much?”

Mrs. Yue was throwing out ideas, but something sparked in Grandma Su…

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