Chapter 875 - Don't Tell Me You Are Dating Behind My Back

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Chapter 875: Don’t Tell Me You Are Dating Behind My Back

If there was truly no blood relation, you could say that the occurrence of two people who looked alike was coincidental. However, there was no way that three people could resemble each other, right?

It was rather difficult to believe it if there was no blood relation between them.

“Meimei, take that girl to visit Su city if you’re free lately.”

Mrs. Yue felt cautious. “Mom… what do you intend to do?” she asked.

“What do I intend to do? Can’t you just come and visit your mother?”

Mrs. Yue pursed her lips. “You–you… want to see Qingsi but you don’t like her. What if you trouble her? It hadn’t been easy for my son to court Qingsi. They’re not married yet. What if something goes wrong?”

Grandma Su was so frustrated that she felt dizzy. “You idiot… I won’t trouble her. Don’t worry about that.”

“Then what if all of you treat her indifferently…”

“You… What can I do to her?’ Grandma Su snapped, absolutely furious. “You’re already treating her as your daughter-in-law. Can I continue to deny her? Just bring her over to introduce her. I want to take a good look at her.”

Mrs. Yue grinned so hard that her eyes disappeared. “Oh, good! Then you better prepare a good welcoming gift. If the gift isn’t nice, I won’t be happy.”

“Idiot. If you were twenty years younger, I would have spanked you…”

Mrs. Yue giggled. “Hehe… All right. Go to sleep now, Mom. It’s so late already. Hurry up and go to bed. I’ll ask Qingsi if she’s willing to go. If she is, I’ll bring her over in a few days.”

After the call ended, Grandma Su still had trouble sleeping. She nudged her companion. “Now I can’t stop thinking about it,” she said, “Tell me, what if Peiwan’s daughter… didn’t die that year…”

Grandpa Su opened his eyes. “How could that be?” he said after a while, “They found the child’s body.”

“But… wasn’t the body so badly disfigured that they couldn’t make out the features?”

“It cannot be. The forensic scientist said that the corpse belonged to a little girl of about four or five years old. Even if the corpse wasn’t her, she was a child. Tell me, where could she have escaped to? How could she have escaped in the first place?”

“But… But what if… she really did escape?” Grandma Su said.

Grandpa Su patted her. “You’re thinking too much. Get some sleep first. Meimei will bring that girl over in a few days, then we’ll get to see her.”

“All right.”

The lights were switched off. Grandma Su tossed and turned for a while before drifting off to sleep.

However, Grandpa Su was still awake. Although he kept telling his companion that it was all a coincidence, he did not possess an inch less of suspicion in his heart compared to his companion.

He had told her that because he did not want her to act rashly and impulsively.

If that Yan Qingsi was truly related to the Xias, then a whole host of problems that had been buried for many years would naturally be dug up. Grandpa Su was a man of the world; there was practically nothing that he had never experienced throughout his life. His vision extended farther and deeper than his companion.

If there was really a problem borne out of this, it would probably create a huge stir—even a catastrophe—if they really started to investigate.

If the truth really needed to be revealed, it was not appropriate for the Su family to reveal it.

Who knows what kind of dubious characters were involved behind this?

Mrs. Yue returned to the dining table. She had thought that the hotpot would have been polished. She never expected that they had barely touched it.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Yue Tingfeng asked, “You were on the phone for so long. Don’t tell me you’re dating behind my back. You made all of us unable to eat.”

Mrs. Yue whacked Yue Tingfeng with her chopsticks. “What nonsense are you going on about? You three were actually courteous enough to leave some food for me. You’ve all grown up. Hurry up and eat…”

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