Chapter 876 - I'm Tired; I Cannot Entertain You Today

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Chapter 876: I’m Tired; I Cannot Entertain You Today

Mrs. Yue stole a glance at Yan Qingsi. “Qingsi, have you been stressed by your job lately?” she asked.

Qingsi bobbed her head. “Hmm… Not really. I haven’t been stressed. It’s the promotion period for Beauty’s Rival in Palace. I’m not busy at all!”

Mrs. Yue grinned. “Hmm… That’s good. We said that the three of us should travel as a family together. Why don’t we use this chance to go? Otherwise, we probably won’t have a chance once you start shooting for another drama.”

Yan Qingsi thought about it and nodded her head. “Sure. Where should we go?”

“Why not Su city? We’ll go to your grandparents’ place.”

Yan Qingsi was speechless. She stopped chewing on her vegetables. She knew the resentment the Su family had for her. Last time, she had almost wanted to give up and run away because of what Little Three had said. Now, they were telling her to go to the Sus’ place. She did not know how she should face the Sus.

Yan Qingsi did not hate the Sus. It was just that…she really did not know how she would face them. It was because she would usually retaliate against those who did not like her without an ounce of remorse, but…the Sus were different.

Yue Tingfeng put his chopsticks down. “Mom, was it Grandma on the phone just now?” he asked.

“That’s right. Your grandma wants to meet Qingsi. Don’t worry. She has accepted Qingsi now. We’re just going over to introduce her this time. There shouldn’t be any problems since your grandma said that. Qingsi, shall we go?” Mrs. Yue tugged on Yan Qingsi’s arm like a little girl.

Yan Qingsi looked straight into Mrs. Yue’s eyes, not refusing her suggestion. She pondered about the matter, then nodded her head. “Sure…”

Mrs. Yue was so happy that she hugged Yan Qingsi immediately. “That’s great! We’ll go down in two days. We’ll buy some sort of gift for them. Oh, it’s okay if we don’t buy anything though. They don’t want anything.”

Yan Qingsi smiled, remaining silent.

Truth be told, she still felt queasy about going to the Sus’.

Yan Qingsi released a sigh. Never mind. As long as it made Auntie Yue happy.

Ji Mianmian pouted. “Then what about me?” she asked, “I don’t know when Ye Shaoguang will be coming back.”

Yan Qingsi tapped her head. “You’re coming with me.”

Yue Tingfeng took a sip of water. He glanced at Ji Mianmian, and he suddenly felt that he was far luckier than Ye Shaoguang.

At least, he did not have to face such a…simple-minded, benighted little idiot.

Ye Shaoguang gave his heart and soul, yet this idiot was oblivious to everything.

It was hard, falling in love with such a character.

Fortunately, his difficult days were over. Yan Qingsi now wears a token of their union around her neck.

After she went back to her room, Yan Qingsi lay in the bathtub, thinking about how she was going to visit the Sus. Her emotions were a tangle, so much so that she did not hear someone entering.

Splash! The water in the bathtub overflowed. Only then did Yan Qingsi notice that Yue Tingfeng had hopped in with her.

“I did knock, but you didn’t answer. What are you thinking about?” Yue Tingfeng pulled Yan Qingsi into an embrace, nuzzling his face against her shoulder.

“Noth— Never mind. I’ll just tell you. What if it becomes awkward when I go to the Sus’ place?” Yan Qingsi leaned backward, propping herself lazily against Yue Tingfeng’s chest. It was very late. Her head felt heavy, but she just could not sleep.

“Don’t worry about that. No one will trouble you since my grandma said so. I’m just curious why this came on so suddenly.” Yue Tingfeng lowered his head and kissed Yan Qingsi’s shoulder. His hands were already starting to rove around her body.

Yan Qingsi was tickled by the kisses. “I’m curious too…” she said, unable to help the smile on her face, “I’m tired. I can’t entertain you today.”

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