Chapter 879 - Don't Feed Yourself Thin

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Chapter 879: Don’t Feed Yourself Thin

The two of them stared at her, expressions stunned—especially Ji Mianmian, whose eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

Panic clenched Yan Qingsi’s heart. ‘Oh no’, she thought internally.

There was no way she was going to finish her meal.

“What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly stop?’ Yue Tingfeng asked on the phone.

Yan Qingsi slowly set her chopsticks and her phone down. “Auntie, Mianmian, you’re back.”

Yue Tingfeng sighed when he heard that. Ji Mianmian knew about this now.

However… It should not affect her too much, right?

Ji Mianmian blinked. She recovered after a few moments. “Sis, you just said… Ye Shaoguang… He–he… He killed–killed someone?” she asked.

Yan Qingsi rubbed her nose. “Hmm… You probably heard wrong. I didn’t say that.”

“She didn’t hear wrong…” Mrs. Yue answered from the side, “I also think… I heard that.”

Yan Qingsi buried her face in her palms. Oh, Auntie, why would you…

Ji Mianmian dropped the things in her hand and rushed forward to Yan Qingsi. “Sis, sis… Isn’t Ye Shaoguang out of the country? Isn’t he away for business?”

Yan Qingsi suddenly could not find the proper words when she looked at Ji Mianmian’s eyes. “He–he… He did go on a business trip.”

Ji Mianmian looked at her, pursing her lips. “Then when he was doing business, then he…ended up in lockup?”

Yan Qingsi cleared her throat. It seemed to be…the case.

“Actually… What happened… Was this…” She could not hide it any longer, so Yan Qingsi narrated what had happened.

“So this means…that he was framed?”

“That’s right, he was framed.”

Then Yan Qingsi noticed that Ji Mianmian and Mrs. Yue simultaneously released a sigh. Even their expressions were the same. “Oh, you scared me…” Ji Mianmian then said, “I really thought that he murdered someone. Thank goodness he’s just framed. This way I can continue to crash at his place after he’s bailed out.”

The corners of Yan Qingsi’s mouth twitched. She suddenly pitied Ye Shaoguang. “Mianmian… He’s being framed right now. Will you…be sad?” she could not help but ask.

“Sad?” Ji Mianmian thought about it, then nodded her head. “Very sad. No one to make good food for me when he’s not around. Luckily Mama Yue is around.”

Yan Qingsi pondered on the matter for a while. “Have you… Have you ever thought what if the case cannot be investigated properly and all the evidence points toward him being the murderer? What if he cannot be rid of the accusation… He will be convicted of homicide…”

The color drained from Ji Mianmian’s face. “No–no… No way. The police…will…investigate properly…”

“What if they can’t?”

Yan Qingsi watched as Ji Mianmian’s face turned pale. “I–I…”

Ji Mianmian went silent; Yan Qingsi did not say anything either. Mrs. Yue sensed that something was wrong with the atmosphere, so she did not speak up. A full ten minutes later, Ji Mianmian finally raised her head. “Sis…I…want to see him. Can I?” she asked Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi bobbed her head. “You can…but I don’t know if he’ll want to.”

Ye Shaoguang was a man of pride. He did not want Ji Mianmian to know about this and pay him a visit. No one wanted to let the person they liked, to see them at their lowest.

After she finished her meal, Yan Qingsi brought Ji Mianmian to the detention center straightaway.

The policeman at the prison told Ye Shaoguang that someone was here to visit him. He asked who the visitor was, and the policeman replied that it was a young woman with a round face and round eyes.

Ye Shaoguang’s expression hardened. “Tell her to go away!”

“She insisted that she wouldn’t leave if you won’t see her.”

Ye Shaoguang harrumphed. “Then she’ll have to wait…

“Hold on… Tell her that if she doesn’t feed herself and becomes thin before I go out, I will never forgive her.’

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