Chapter 880 - It Was That Silly Lady Who Showed No Interest In Him

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Chapter 880: It Was That Silly Lady Who Showed No Interest In Him

At that moment, Ye Shaoguang was in a terrible mood. He instructed Yue Tingfeng specifically to keep this a secret from Ji Mianmian, so how did she know? Yue Tingfeng was so bad at doing as ordered.

Ye Shaoguang must be indescribably ugly at present which may induce disgust in Ji Mianmian, who usually judged people by their appearances.

The prison guard was left speechless immediately after hearing Ye Shaoguang’s message. What was that all about?

“How do you expect me to convey your message? You better tell her yourself, mate. She is just a young lady and yet she came here to visit you although you were a murder suspect. At least it shows that she is very affectionate toward you.”

Ye Shaoguang smiled instantly. “Where did you notice that? What do I possibly have to deserve her affections?”

It was fairly obvious that she had developed a deep affection toward his culinary skills.

Ji Mianmian… Haha, he knew her so well. She was a heartless lady who only cared for her goddess, food, and…that was basically it.

Exactly like the last time when Ye Shaoguang’s hand was accidentally scalded by boiling oil during meal preparation. Ji Mianmian was worried sick about his injury and had absolutely no idea what to do at that moment.

Her reaction exhilarated Ye Shaoguang, who actually thought that this young lady had learned to be caring toward him.

However, his heart shattered the second she said, “Can you still cook when your hand is injured? If not, what should we eat for dinner?”

Ye Shaoguang gave up on Ji Mianmian afterward.

That bastard did not care about him at all.

The prison guard replied, “Why do you think anyone would come to visit if they didn’t have affection toward you? Everyone will try to stay as far away as possible from a murder suspect. Such young ladies are rare nowadays, and she seems to be very kind too. I don’t understand, how can you be so picky at your current state?”

Ye Shaoguang failed to muster a reply at that moment.

Picky? Him? It was that silly lady who showed no interest in him, alright?

“Just convey my message to her. There is no need to persuade me any further.”

After realizing that Ye Shaoguang had no intention of meeting this lady, the prison replied, “Alright then…”

“He doesn’t want to see you, but he has a message for you. He said… Ahem… He won’t forgive you if you slim down before he gets out of this place.”

Ji Mianmian touched her face quickly. “I ate very well recently, and I had supper every night too, so how was it possible for me to slim down?”

Ji Mianmian actually found it embarrassing to mention that she ate and slept well in the Yue family’s estate for the past two days. She could even feel some fat accumulation in her cheeks too. In conclusion, it was far better than when she was living together with Ye Shaoguang.

The corners of the prison guard’s lips quivered in response. Young lady, you still had a good appetite recently?

He then added. “You can go home now.”

Ji Mianmian replied quickly, “Police officer… Police officer, wait… Can you please help me one more time? It’s difficult for me to travel all the way here too.”

“He’s unwilling to meet you, and I can’t force him to come too…”

Ji Mianmian pleaded anxiously. “Police officer, please help me one more time. This is the last time, I promise… Please…”

The prison guard was feeling helpless. “I mentioned everything that I could just now, but he still doesn’t want to see you.”

A light bulb went off in her head all of a sudden. “Police officer, do you have any favorite celebrity? I can help you get her autograph… By the way, do you like Yan Qingsi, who is a beautiful and glamorous goddess of her caliber?”

Ji Mianmian could notice the gleam in the prison guard’s eyes instantly. “You can… get her autograph?”

Ji Mianmian nodded vigorously and took Yan Qingsi’s autograph out of her cloth bag before passing it to the prison guard. “Police officer, this is an autograph of my goddess. Please help me…”

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