Chapter 881 - She Did Not Love Him, It Was Not A Crime

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Chapter 881: She Did Not Love Him, It Was Not A Crime

The prison guard shifted his gaze to Yan Qingsi’s photograph with her signature on it and cleared his throat. “Well then… I’ll help you one more time…”

“Yes, please, thank you! One more time will be enough.”

The prison guard quickly slipped the autograph into his pocket and left.

Ji Mianmian let out a sigh of relief. She had decided to carry a few of Yan Qingsi’s autographs with her at all times knowing it would come in handy one day.

The prison guard summoned Ye Shaoguang from his prison cell again. “Ye Shaoguang, are you sure you’re not going to meet her? That young lady is crying outside right now, and she won’t leave unless she sees you.”

Something gripped Ye Shaoguang’s heart really tightly but he snorted afterward. “Crying? Haha, it’ll be a miracle if that’s true. I’m not going to see her, so you can ask her to leave now.”

“Believe me, she is crying right now. Besides, you might not be able to see that young lady anymore if we can’t find any solid evidence to prove that you’re innocent. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. If you don’t meet her this time and she has decided not to visit you anymore in the future, you won’t get this kind of chance again.”

“Seriously, her eyes are red from all those crying.”

After listening to the prison guard’s constant nagging, Ye Shaoguang finally asked, “Do you have a mask?”

“Yes… Of course.”

The prison guard searched for a disposable mask and passed it to Ye Shaoguang.

Ye Shaoguang sighed before putting on the mask then he left the cell.

Ji Mianmian had waited for quite some time before a tall and thin figure entered the room. There Ye Shaoguang was… with his slender built further accentuated by the loose prison uniform and a mask that prevented her from taking a clear look at his face. Even so, she could tell that he was now as thin as a rake and his exposed forehead and periorbital region were paler than usual.

Ji Mianmian was frozen to the spot with absolutely no idea on how to initiate a conversation with Ye Shaoguang.

On the other hand, Ye Shaoguang reached out and pinched Ji Mianmian’s cheek at first glance. “Well, well, well, I was worried that you might slim down but instead, you grew chubbier. That was totally unexpected.”

Ji Mianmian shook her head immediately. “No, it’s my sleep-deprived, puffy face. Seriously.”

The corners of Ye Shaoguang’s lips curled up in response. Well, he was not blind yet. He knew how to differentiate between a puffy face and a chubby face.

In addition to her vitality, there was a rosy hue to her fair skin without any sign of dark under-eye circles. None of those were suggestive of sleep deprivation.

Well… at least her response explained that she actually cared about him after all.

There was never a time when Ye Shaoguang was so easily satisfied in his lifetime. Everything he yearned for would surely end up in his hands through various means, but these days… he did not expect much from Ji Mianmian in return.

Ji Mianmian clasped his hands together and asked, “Why… Why are you wearing a mask?”

“Oh… I have a cold,” replied Ye Shaoguang before coughing on purpose. His current emotions were indescribable with a mixture of delight and disappointment after meeting Ji Mianmian.

Her visit actually exhilarated him, but at the same time, he was aware that Ji Mianmian merely treated him as a friend, which disappointed him dearly.

Ye Shaoguang understood that it was impossible to calculate any factor in love issues.

No matter how desperate or addicted he was, she…remained a real nitwit who failed to understand his true feelings. He wanted to blame her but was that really her fault?

In conclusion, Ji Mianmian was never in the wrong for not developing a fondness for him.

There were various felonies such as thefts, homicides, and robberies, but the fact that she did not love him was not a crime at all!

Ji Mianmian brushed her nose and asked out of curiosity, “A cold…but your voice sounds normal. Why can’t I hear any sign of a cold?”

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