Chapter 882 - Protect The Meat I Fed Into Your Body

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Chapter 882: Protect The Meat I Fed Into Your Body

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Ji Mianmian’s question pulled Ye Shaoguang’s mind back to reality. He then replied coldly, “I said I’m having a cold now. Why did you want to see me anyway? If there’s nothing else, go home and stop disturbing me.”

Ji Mianmian lowered her head, obviously disheartened. “Oh… Then… I’m leaving now.”

“…” Ye Shaoguang was at a loss for words.

What the f*ck! The prison guard mentioned that she shed tears and was eager to see him a moment ago, and yet she was going to leave without saying anything?

How did Ji Mianmian persuade the prison guard to help her again?

Ye Shaoguang watched as Ji Mianmian walked toward the door, came to a halt as if she recalled something important, and returned once more. “Er… I can’t leave just yet.”

Despite the relief at the sight of her return, Ye Shaoguang lifted his chin and asked arrogantly, “What else do you want to say?”

Ji Mianmian scratched her head. “I… I… I know you’re innocent, so you’ll be fine… I also believe that you didn’t kill her. The police officers are very good at their jobs and they will find justice for you…”

Something felt wrong in her heart before she came to visit Ye Shaoguang, but she had no idea where the source was from. She merely felt that… If Ye Shaoguang was imprisoned for life or sentenced to death… She would not be able to see him anymore in the future, and that gave her an inexplicable sadness.

However, that sadness that was buried in her heart vanished into thin air after meeting Ye Shaoguang and listening to his annoying words.

Even so, she had to encourage Ye Shaoguang—who had his freedom imprisoned in the detention center—so that he would not lose hope.

Ye Shaoguang rolled his eyes in response. “Well, of course!”

Ji Mianmian scratched her head again. “Er… Well… Let me know if you need anything. I’ll bring them to you on my next visit.”

Ye Shaoguang replied calmly, “That won’t be necessary. I’ll get out of this place soon.”

“I’ll wait for you outside.”

Ye Shaoguang nodded in response.

“Er… I’m leaving now, okay?”

Ye Shaoguang remained silent and watched as Ji Mianmian walked toward the door rather slowly. She actually had a lot more to say, but…she had no idea where to start right after meeting Ye Shaoguang.

Ji Mianmian was disheartened and dispirited. Ye Shaoguang was a good man who permitted her to stay in his house for free. He even took care of her daily meals without charges, but he was currently imprisoned for a set-up. That was awfully tragic.

Ji Mianmian figured that she was indeed a terrible socializer, which explained Ye Shaoguang’s reluctance in continuing the conversation with her.

Ye Shaoguang’s voice traveled to her ears momentarily. “Wait…”

She stopped immediately and turned around. “Yes, anything else?”

“Come here. I want to tell you something.”

Ji Mianmian walked toward him out of curiosity and fell into his embrace as soon as she was within his reach.

Ye Shaoguang then leaned forward and kissed her the next second. Even though there was a mask between their lips, Ji Mianmian could still feel her lips melting away under the intense heat.

Ji Mianmian failed to react at that moment and merely stared at Ye Shaoguang in response. What was she about to say? What was she about to do? All forgotten!

Half of Ye Shaoguang’s face was buried under the mask but…somehow he still looked so handsome. She could even feel her heart racing at incredible speed too!

Ye Shaoguang whispered into her ear. “Wait for me at home and protect the meat I fed into your body. You can’t lose them in any case.”

Ji Mianmian nodded like a silly girl.

“I’ll get out of this place, so go home and don’t visit me again. I can’t die just yet.”

Ji Mianmian nodded once more.

“Go home…”

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