Chapter 9 - I’m Using Your Man (II)

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Chapter 9: I’m Using Your Man (II)

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Yan Qingsi could not care less about her. She fished out Luo Jinchuan’s wallet from his jacket and emptied the cash inside before returning the wallet to him. “Luo Jinchuan, treat this money as a token of apology for me on behalf of your girlfriend.”

A brief look of stupefaction appeared on Luo Jinchuan’s face but his expression soon reverted back to his usual scholarliness. Masked behind his golden spectacles, however, was a hint of interest in his eyes. His lips curled slightly and he said, “Have a safe flight.”

Yan Mingzhu raged and caused her face to tense up. “Yan Qingsi, I don’t care if you don’t want your dignity, we’d still want ours. You’re no different than a hooker…”

Yan Qingsi stuffed the money into her bag and turned a deaf ear to Yan Mingzhu’s words. “My dear elder sister, after so many years of fighting you’re still as stupid as always. I have told you many times, don’t provoke me or god knows what I’ll do to you.”

Yan Songnan 1  lashed out. “Qingsi, what the hell are you trying to do? It’s not like we didn’t give you any money.”

Yan Qingsi retorted sarcastically, “You did? Why don’t I know about it?”

The Yan family would never willingly spend money on her. Other than a small luggage bag and a flight ticket, Yan Qingsi had nothing on her.

Their intention was not to let her go abroad but to exile her overseas. They were looking forward to her to just die on the streets.

At that moment, the Yan family looked like they had just eaten a pile of dung.

Yan Songnan’s teeth nearly cracked from anger. “You won’t be able to catch the fight if you don’t go now.”

Yan Qingsi stood rooted to the ground. “If I can’t make it, then I’ll just stay. I’m not in a hurry anyway.”

Yan Songnan hated that he was unable to end her life there and then. He calmed himself down, took out his wallet, and handed her all the money that he had inside. “You’re a spender when it comes to money. Try saving up a bit more when you’re overseas. I’ll transfer your living expenses over regularly.”

Yan Qingsi smiled coldly. He had the nerve to call her a big spender?

She estimated that the money he took out was no more than three or four thousand yuan.

Her eyes darted to all those cards he had. If those could be used overseas, she would have taken them all from him.

Yan Qingsi put away the money and said, “Well, wouldn’t it be much better if you had taken it out sooner? Are you so stingy because you’re afraid you’ll go bankrupt?”

The whole of Yan family almost puked blood.

Yue Tingfeng stood there and kept quiet from the very beginning. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Yan Qingsi’s beautiful rear figure. There was an indescribable fire within his heart and it was burning with much exuberance.

Astonishingly, not once throughout their time there did that woman ever glance at him.

Yan Ruke noticed Yue Tingfeng staring at Yan Qingsi. Her eyes were red and yet she said softly, “Qingsi, about what you did the other day… I won’t take it personally. As your younger aunt, my advice to you is that you mustn’t do such a thing anymore. Not every woman is as forgiving as I am.”

Yan Ruke was painting herself as a kind-hearted and forgiving person. Though it seemed like she was not holding it against her, the core of the message was in fact, ‘Don’t be such a slut. Don’t just climb into any man’s bed.’

Yan Qingsi was obviously aware of what Yan Ruke really meant.

It was nothing but a show of maturity and obedience in front of Yue Tingfeng; to show him that her character was far above Yan Qingsi’s shameless attitude.

Yan Qingsi smiled. “You’re a really kind person, Auntie. Since you said that, don’t mind if I….”

Yan Ruke went blank and had a feeling that things were turning for the worse.

The next moment, Yan Qingsi turned around, looked at Yue Tingfeng, and lifted his chin with her hand. “Do my lips look good today, Uncle?”

Yue Tingfeng replied, “Not too bad.”

Her fingers then brushed over Yue Tingfeng’s lips. “Would you like to taste them?”

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