Chapter 906 - If She Is Going To Die, You Can Forget About Staying Alive

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Chapter 906: If She Is Going To Die, You Can Forget About Staying Alive

The group of youngsters deduced that since a long period of time had passed and there were still no signs of her resurfacing, they were certain that she had sunk much deeper. They immediately dive deeper into the depths of the water to seek for her.

Ji Mianmian and Little Xu immediately rushed over when they saw her.

The young man who rescued Yan Qingsi brought her ashore and place her on the ground. Ji Mianmian cried, “Sis, wake up. Sis, wake up…”

Little Xu noticed that Yan Qingsi’s lips were purple. He was so frightened that his limbs had frozen in place. He hurriedly shook her. “Big Sis Qingsi, please wake up!”

The young man who saved Yan Qingsi identified her and said to his companions, “It’s her.”

He then asked, “Is there a doctor around?”

“Y-Yes, Yes…” The director immediately called for the production crew’s accompanying doctor.

The male doctor started checking for Yan Qingsi’s breath and was so frightened that he fell backward with his buttocks sitting on the damped ground. “It’s over… She is not breathing…”

The young man who rescued Yan Qingsi strictly commanded, “Give her CPR immediately. If she dies, none of you…will escape from your responsibilities.”

Ji Mianmian cried until her eyes were swollen. “You, quickly give her CPR. I have already called the ambulance, they should arrive soon. Quickly…”

Ji Mianmian had contacted the ambulance while everyone else was in a frenzied search.

The doctor immediately nodded. “I will perform CPR on her. You listen to my instructions and give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation…”

Ji Mianmian stamped her foot on the ground. “I know how to. Quickly get started, don’t keep on nagging!”

The frantic doctor immediately started giving Yan Qingsi CPR with Ji Mianmian kneeling on the ground beside him and pinching on Yan Qingsi’s nose while giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Even after ten minutes, there was no pulse and the doctor’s arm had gotten sore and fatigue. He shook his head with his clothes soaking wet from the rain. “There is no hope, no hope…”

Something cold and hard seemed to be pressing on the back of his head. At the same time, an icy-cold voice came from behind him, “Try saying no hope one more time. If you can’t save her, you will join her lying here today.”

The terrified doctor shivered. He did not turn back to look, but he knew that a gun was being aimed at his head.

The doctor dared not uttered another word. His arm was no longer sore and his body seemed to be filled with endless strength. The only voice left resounded in his mind, ‘I must save Yan Qingsi. She must live. She must wake up. Otherwise, I am going to be buried with her.’

The surrounding cast and crew were frightened to silence when they saw the situation and subconsciously retreated a step. The surroundings became so quiet that the pattering sounds of rainwater could be heard clearly.

The director originally wanted to speak but dared not continue after looking at the situation. He couldn’t determine where those dozens of men came from. He was certain that they were not part of the triads. They were more likely…from a government department. They might even be from the military.

They could not afford to offend them regardless of their backgrounds.

Ji Mianmian had learned about the emergency rescue procedure when she was still in her school team. She was silently praying in her heart. ‘Let my goddess be revived. Let her open her eyes!’

The doctor had started doubling his efforts to resuscitate Yan Qingsi after being threatened. In less than a few minutes, a weak beating pulse could be felt from Yan Qingsi.

The doctor and Ji Mianmian were overjoyed at the unexpected outcome. One was relieved that he finally managed to preserve his life while the other was happy… Her goddess still had hope for survival.

Both of them had worked hard for the past ten minutes.

Yan Qingsi coughed out a mouthful of water and her pulse gradually recovered. Hearing the sound of an ambulance, Ji Mianmian tiredly slumped onto the ground. Her eyes turned red and she started to cry again. It was too dangerous this time. Her goddess nearly died.

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