Chapter 907 - We Will Take Yan Qingsi With Us

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Chapter 907: We Will Take Yan Qingsi With Us

Ji Mianmian breathed a sigh of relief. Her hair was soaked with a mixture of rain and sweat.

‘This ambulance came too slowly.’

The production crew gave way to the medical staff. The paramedics put Yan Qingsi on a stretcher and carried her into the ambulance.

Little Xu pulled Ji Mianmian up from the ground. Both of them were going to follow Yan Qingsi to the hospital but they were stopped by the person who rescued Yan Qingsi.

“We will have to take her. None of you can follow.”

The speaker was the leader of those people. He looked around twenty-five or twenty-six years old. He was no less than a hundred and ninety centimeters tall, had bronze skin tone, and a handsome face. Standing straight and tall like a lumbering pine tree, his penetrating gaze caused anyone who looked at him to feel intimidated.

“Who are you? What rights you have to bring her away?” Ji Mianmian was anxious. If these people did not rescue her goddess, she would have beaten them up by now.

Little Xu stood beside Ji Mianmian. “We are her assistants, who are you to not let us follow her?”

“You are not authorized to ask about this.” He turned around and entered the vehicle while saying to the doctor, “Immediately send her to the hospital.”

Ji Mianmian and Little Xu wanted to rush to the ambulance but were immediately stopped by other group members.

Once the ambulance drove away, the other youngsters left in the same vehicles they previously arrived in.

Little Xu pulled on his hair. “What should we do now?”

Ji Mianmian clenched her fist and said, “Let’s go. Let’s drive to the hospital ourselves.”

The director stopped the two of them. “I think it’s better you don’t go anymore. Didn’t you see all of them carrying something around their waists… It was guns!”

Ji Mianmian refuted, “Even if they have guns, I don’t believe they would really dare to kill people in the hospital. We are Big Sis Qingsi’s assistants. You can ignore this, but we can’t.”

Little Xu nodded and both ran to their 7-seater car in the rain. They trailed the ambulance all the way to the hospital.

After the two had left, the director said to the rest of the crew, “If you want to stay alive, keep everything that happened today to yourselves. No one can say anything to anyone. Keep your mouth shut.”

The others nodded in agreement. A group of people with unknown origins, suddenly appear out of thin air to take someone away. Scary!

In the ambulance, the doctor let Yan Qingsi inhale from the oxygen mask and gave her a heart-strengthening injection.

The nurse exclaimed while measuring her blood pressure, “She wasn’t just drowning, her neck looked like she had been…strangled?”

The person who rescued Yan Qingsi immediately looked over. He stretched out his hand and pulled down the collar of Yan Qingsi a little bit. Sure enough, he saw a red mark on her neck, especially obvious.

His facial expression immediately changed. The marks on her neck were still red which meant that she was strangled not very long ago.

This only shows that Yan Qingsi drowning, was not accidental, someone was attempting to murder her.

He immediately took out his mobile phone. “Report, the situation is incorrect. This was not an accident. It might be a murder attempt. I suggest that all the production crew be monitored immediately as well as all the people who went into the waters at that time…”

He found that the nurse and doctor, both stunned after hanging up his phone.

He snorted, “Continue on, she must be awakened.”

After chasing behind the ambulance, Ji Mianmian who was twisting her hair suddenly remembered something. “Oh no! Sister Qingsi had an accident, I haven’t contacted him.”

Ji Mianmian quickly reached for her mobile phone but her pocket was empty. “My phone. Where is my phone?”

Little Xu said, “You must have accidentally dropped it just now when you help to give Sister Qingsi mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. You can use mine.”

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