Chapter 908 - Big Sis Qingsi Was Snatched Away

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Chapter 908: Big Sis Qingsi Was Snatched Away

Little Xu took out his mobile phone and handed it to Ji Mianmian.

Ji Mianmian flipped it around for a while. “What kind of lousy phone is this? It won’t turn on, it probably got soaked in water just now.”


Just when both of them were feeling anxious, Yue Tingfeng drove past them on the opposite lane.

Yan Qingsi had been in Su City for four days. He accompanied her to the filming site in the first two days. She refused to let him accompany her once she became familiar with the area for the following days. She only allowed him to pick her up after work.

Yue Tingfeng had been keeping track of the time the whole day and noticed that it was almost time for her work to finish. He canceled a dinner arrangement with one of his business partners and directly drove over.

They had changed places since yesterday and today, it was actually a little further away in the suburbs of Suzhou City.

Yue Tingfeng felt anxious for no apparent reason while staring at the rain outside. He was feeling melancholic and flustered. His heart was beating faster than usual.

Yue Tingfeng frowned. ‘Was it because it was cloudy today?’

When he arrived at the filming location, Yue Tingfeng got out of his car and noticed that there were very few people left on set. The remaining few were those tasked to pack up the props.

Yue Tingfeng walked over an umbrella and asked, “Have you finished filming today?”

“Yes, it’s done.”

“Yan Qingsi, has she left already?” Yue Tingfeng thought aloud. If he knew about this situation, he would have made a call in advance. Most of the time a person barely just missed meeting their intended person from the journey to arrive.

A man who was packing up said, “Yan Qingsi almost drowned today and was sent to the hospital.”

His casual reply sounded like a clap of thunder in Yue Tingfeng’s ear. The umbrella in his hand fell to the ground. The cold raindrops splattering on his face made Yue Tingfeng realize that this was not a dream but a reality.

He grabbed that man by his collar and almost lifted him off the ground. “Drowned? How is she now? How long has the ambulance left?”

The man was shocked by Yue Tingfeng’s expression. His collar was being grabbed too tightly making him suffer a slight discomfort to his neck. “Just h-half…an hour ago… She was not breathing. After she was given half an hour of CPR, she started breathing again. She…should be fine now…”

He was thrown away by Yue Tingfeng before he could finish talking. He didn’t bother about the umbrella and turned around to leave.

He was walking fast initially, but he picked up his pace until he was literally running all the way toward his car. He stepped on the accelerator without putting on his seatbelt and sped off in his car.

Yue Tingfeng forced himself to calm down, took out his mobile phone and contacted Ji Mianmian and Little Xu. The result was, one of them did not answer her phone call while the other could not be contacted at all.

He was in a rush and almost dropped his phone, but managed to quickly find Su Little Three’s number and dialed it.

“Little Three, help me immediately find out about an ambulance which was dispatched half an hour ago. The location was at the south lake of Su City. Fast… Qingsi almost drowned and was taken away by ambulance…”

“Okay, don’t panic. I will immediately check on it.”

Su Little Three hung up the phone and quickly asked his men to check. In order to save time, he also contacted his father for assistance.

By the time Su Little Three found the hospital, forty minutes had passed. Yue Tingfeng immediately rushed over from the suburbs.

Yue Tingfeng saw Ji Mianmian and Little Xu and immediately ran over. “Where is she?”

The ashen-faced Ji Mianmian and Little Xu both responded unhappily, “Big Sis Qingsi was snatched away…”

The corners of Yue Tingfeng’s eyes were twitching with anger. “Snatched away? You better explain clearly to me.”

Ji Mianmian started explaining events occurring from the beginning of her shoot. “This was what happened, we chased after them to the hospital, but they didn’t let us see her at all. We waited for half an hour. When the doctor said that her life was no longer in danger, they just took her away… They did not even mention where they were taking her…”

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