Chapter 909 - If Your Wife Was Taken Away, Won’t You Be Anxious Too?

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Chapter 909: If Your Wife Was Taken Away, Won’t You Be Anxious Too?

“There were more than a dozen men. All of them were very tall and well-built with a gun tucked at their waist… Boss, I’m sorry. We…weren’t able to protect Big Sis Qingsi.”

Ji Mianmian bowed her head in frustration. Her clothes were still wet and her hair sticking to her face like a drenched chicken, looking very embarrassed and pitiful.

She was not the only person, Little Xu and even Yue Tingfeng were completely drenched too. Little Xu was about to explode from the anxiety on how Yue Tingfeng was being left hanging midair.

“You said that you don’t even know who those men are ?”

Ji Mianmian nodded her head. “Yes, I have no idea. I asked them but they wouldn’t tell me.”

After confirming that Yan Qingsi was no longer in any danger, they took her away. Moreover, they even took the doctor and nurse along with the patient in order to prevent any possible mishap. The hospital did not have any room to resist as they were all taken away in one breath.

Yue Tingfeng did not speak. His face was darker than the skies outside and his icy gaze was like a frozen lake in the middle of winter. His complexion appeared to be calm, so calm and tranquil that it was terrifying.

Ji Mianmian saw his eyes and was frightened until both her legs were shivering. She had thought the boss would definitely be furious, raging, and perhaps even murderous upon receiving the information.

However contrary to her expectations, the boss was so…calm.

The tranquility was terrifying, it frightened both of them.

Ji Mianmian gathered her courage and called out, “B-boss…”

Yue Tingfeng suddenly turned away and looked toward his back. Ji Mianmian seemed to feel the terrible rage pulsating from him.

Before he left the hospital, Yue Tingfeng’s cell phone rang.

It was the Su Family’s Leader who called. “Tingfeng, you can rest assured that she is well. I know who took her away, come home first. I will tell you when you are back.”

Yue Tingfeng was so furious that he nearly crushed his cell phone.

Grandpa and Grandma Su, Su Family’s Leader, Mrs. Yue, Little Three, Little Five, and Little Six were all sitting in the living room. No one let out a squeak and the atmosphere was rather depressing.

Everyone looked up when they heard approaching footsteps.

Yue Tingfeng said, “Tell me, exactly who took her away?”

Grandma Su said, “Go change your clothes first.”

Yue Tingfeng looked at Su Family’s Leader and shouted, “I had yielded to you, tell me now!”

Su Family’s Leader shook his head and told Yue Tingfeng about the whole matter.

He sneered, “So you mean to say, she was taken away yet I am not allowed to even find her?”

“I have told you the whole affair. Xia’s family just wanted to find out whether Qingsi is related to them by blood. I will inform you as soon as there is a result. You don’t need to be so anxious.”

Yue Tingfeng suddenly raised his voice, “If the well-being of your wife who nearly drowned is unknown and was suddenly taken away, will you not be anxious too?”

Mrs. Yue reprimanded, “Tingfeng, how disrespectful. But brother…you can’t behave this way either. That…Xia whoever, even if he is powerful, Qingsi is my daughter-in-law. If he wants to take her away, shouldn’t he have asked us first?”

Grandpa Su sighed, “Mei Mei and TingFeng, I know both of you are anxious. We did not expect that he would directly take her away. Big Brother will communicate with the Xia family. Can you be patient?

If the Xia family and Qingsi are related, it would be great for her. She would have a family.”

Mrs. Yue stopped speaking and turned around.

Yue Tingfeng gritted his teeth, and if it weren’t for this reason he would not have endured it.

Yan Qingsi opened her eyes, wondering if she was alive or dead. She vaguely heard someone saying, “Sir, she woke up.”

A face suddenly appeared in front of her and said, “Don’t be afraid, are you feeling any discomfort?”

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